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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 17, 2011 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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be answered. thank you for watching on the record and don't forget to share your thoughts about the show. show. >> good sunday morning, today is july 17th. i'm aynsry earhart. casey anthony now a free woman. after three years behind bars, america's most notorious mother walks out of the jail and into the dark of night. but even though she is free, america is still outraged at her acquittal. we have the latest on her release. >> dave: and president obama wants american people to pay for d.c.'s out of control spending. >> you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. >> dave: but don't they already pay that fair share? we'll break it down. >> clayton: and then you touch me, i'll touch you.
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this woman is so fed up with her invasive pat down. she grabbed her tsa screener right back. poetic justice or assault? we'll find out. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. >> dave: good morning. >> ainsley: woke up in the middle of the nigh and turned it on fox and showed that casey anthony was out of jail. >> ainsley: i had a wedding last night. one of my dear he is friends got in pretty late. >> the alerts were off late last night and 12:14 p.m., casey anthony walked free, finally coming out of the jail where she's been since 2008. >> dave: what a sight it was, there were journalists embedded, if you will. >> ainsley: there she is.
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>> dave: as she walks out of jail see jose baez, leading the way, but eventually a clean shot for there are pages dedicated to hating casey. >> i don't know if you could hear that audio in the background. in the bag you could hear a helicopter. hear a helicopter flying overhead and she jumps into an suv as she's walking outside and the helicopter lost sight of her and was dave mentioned one of the embedded reporters from the atlanta sentinel had this to say about the perp walk that was formerly a perp, but look at it. >> that's probably one of the fastest walks i've seen. it probably took about 15 seconds. she comes out of the release center, release door, she's walking into the public lobby. she looks straight ahead.
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she looked casey looks at the srt that's standing guard to my right to her left, she looks down she looks up looks down one more time as she's passing me, she is-- her eyes are looking forward, looking down. and then as she's walking out the srt is following her, i believe it was an ak 45, and then she exits and she just went off into the darkness. >> dave: obviously success if you're jose baez. the goal of releasing her in the middle of the night she would be able to lose the press. as clayton mentioned there were vehicles following, a helicopter following and what happened. they went into a parking garage and that's the point that they feel they lost track of casey anthony. the video you saw there is of an suv pulling up to an airport, a private airport, someone boarding a private yet that was bound for ohio the
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home state of casey anthony's parents. no one ever saw casey anthony. it's not clear if that's casey anthony or if this was all a distraction. we have no idea where casey anthony is it this morning. >> this airport as they mentioned a smaller airport, this is not international airport, i believe that's the executive airport in orlando, a smaller airport towards the heart of downtown orlando and again, private planes fly in there all the time. commercial flights typically don't go there at all. one of the other reporters, three mms of the press allowed in the room at that time when she walked out and an embedded journalist with the associated press had this to say about it. >> there wasn a dramatic expression looking up to the ceiling, i wouldn't say she was smiling, holding back any sort of facial expression, she was wearing a bright pink shirt with a t-shirt with a
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polo logo on it, blue jeans hair in a tight bun and jose bias is walking to her right. two srt officers behind mere with green bullet-proof vests and weapons strapped on them. >> did she look at you at all. >> i didn't notice her looking at us. >> ainsley: and it might be smart to release her after midnight we would have been talking about it more and more cameras ready to capture the moments. americans are outraged you have to big chunk of americans that still believe that she was guilty in this case and even though she was proven not guilty, many say that doesn't mean she was innocent. and protesters were out there, outside of the jail, waiting for casey to leave just outraged take a listen to what some people were saying. >> we're just out here, we don't care if it's raining, where the thunder is, we're out here.
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>> it's an important thing to boycott casey, that she gets no money, protest that this kill ser getting out. that she had such a jury trial that was as much a joke. six-year-old would have made a more conscientious decision. >> sheet's definitely guilty. >> and dave mentioned the facebook, there's the i hate casey anthony facebook page. 45,000 now. >> dave: it's up now 48,755 and i would imagine that list will continue to grow throughout the days and weeks ahead. >> clayton: another one, an f-casey anthony page. more than 775,000 individuals on that. so they were choosing between the two facebook pages the i hate casey anthony page and another one. >> ainsley: and i reed an article that was fascinating. they interviewed the attorney
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for the mary winkler, she needs to move, careful who will select as friends and many people will latch on because of infamy. >> dave: i'm not sure this woman wants to hide. we'll discuss. >> ainsley: she's going to have to. >> dave: 2012, stop me if you've heard this question before. will texas governor rick perry run for president 2012. >> clayton: storks p, stop. >> dave: and more and more signs point to yes. and now iowa governor, close friend of rick perry, says he thinks the indications are that he'll run. quote, my lt. governor has gotten a call from rick perry and put out feelers in iowa and sense is likely he will enter the field. >> he's a close friend and comes out and says that and all signs pointing. we're getting other
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indications as well certainly the fund raising, the ground effort in iowa and there you're hearing it from the governor himself there in iowa. take a look at the pollings. as they match up against president obama and how it would work, a generic g.o.p. candidate does this well against president bomb right now. a generic. >> dave: when you name them, they don't do so well, that's interesting. >> clayton: rick perry he when you name him and put it against it, it's fascinating. not sure under a robl voters, these are republican voters in a gallup poll, not sure. 58% have no idea which republican candidate they would choose. don't have a favorite. rick perry 4%. >> dave: i wouldn't worry as much about the 4% as 58%. only 13% of people said that mitt romney is their guy, so, clearly, there is not the run away favorite that many, like myself have speculated, it
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looks perfect for someone like rick perry to get in and maybe galvanize. hey, there's 29 republican governors in the country and only three endorsed any candidate in this race and it's wide open, but you mentioned the fund raising. can he raise money with mitt romney. >> clayton: a lot of republicans think he can't. >> ainsley: the christian coalition, romney not being a christian, rick perry, he's always on christian talk shows and has prayer in texas. >> dave: in houston. >> ainsley: that's right. and tony perkins the family research council president very well-known in the christian community, he's endorsing him or saying he hopes he gets in the race. >> clayton: and evangelicals, pushing to get in the race and a quadrant of the base. >> dave: a big one. >> clayton: and a lot of money, haley barbour in the weighing in, who he's going to support. we'll keep our eye on this and a look at the rest of the
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headlines. >> ainsley: horror in boston harbor, one man is dead there, one seriously injured after a 30 foot speed boat apparently breaks apart and capsizes and police say two were thrown into the water and suffered head and chest injuries and the coast guard is investigation how that happened. a fugitive murder suspect is back in police custody this morning. 24-year-old james brewer, his picture. he escaped from a washington d.c. courthouse on friday, by swapping i.d. bracelets with another inmate. on the run for almost 24 hours before police say he turned himself in. s' charged with the murder of a retired army sergeant and additional charges for eluding custody. frontier airline canceled more flights after a hail storn damaged a third of the fleet. grounded a total of 96 flights this weekend on top of 100 flights scheduled to leave on
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thursday and friday. do you know anyone it's affecting? frontier says it's working to accommodate customers as best it can. and a colorado woman is under arrest for groping a female tsa agent at the phoenix airport. alsoen to this, police say that u carry refused to go through screening and arguing with agents when she reportedly grabbed the breast of one of the female workers. the 61-year-old is facing one count of felony sexual abuse and those are your headlines. now over to rick for weather. >> hey, guys, yeah, we're outside and it's already warm across the northeast. get ready if you want summertime almost everybody in the country is going to get it. take a look at the weather picture and weather maps. see the oranges? well, across the central plains, we're in the five o'clock hour, just past 5. temperatures in the 80's and humid and feels like mid 80's
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that's what you've got this morning and this afternoon is rough. we've got heat advisories and kind of expanding. yesterday, it was across parts of nebraska and parts of south dakota and now expanding towards the east and we've got a high pressure dome that's going to settle with us across the country at least until wednesday and going to spread to the east and expect to see many more states covered by this, unfortunately, by the time we get through. move forward through the satellite radar picture. across the southeast, scattered showers, that's out front there and you see those showers off to the right of florida, to the east, well, that potentially could be some tropical development and we're going to watch that the next couple of days and could bring pretty significant rain to florida and we'll see if it does become tropical in nature. across the west. the monsoonal activity a little more active gun and move forward on the map and show the western part of the u.s., there you go, we've got showers you see in arizona. and we're starting to see more of that, what ainsley was
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talking about, the hail in the denver area, we're going to see that become a little more typical again after a few days break from the monsoon, it begins to return across parts of the west. your highs for the day. looking like this, head to the northern plains, 100, 98 in kansas city, extremely hot and move for your day tomorrow. everybody headed back to work on monday, want to head straight to the beach or pool because it's going to hot to anybody everybody. everybody needs to do what they need to do to stay cool. >> never survived 100 degree day in rapid city. thank you, sir. president obama remains at odds with republicans over what to do next for solving the debt crisis. the president says he he knows what the american people want. >> you have 80% of the american people who support a balanced approach. 80% of the american people support an approach na includes revenues and includes
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cuts. so, the notion that some of the american people aren't sold is not the problem. the problem is members ever congress are doug in ideologically into various divisions because they box themselves in with previous statements. >> joining us now who discuss all of this our political panel series, xm patriot talk shows and no labels advisor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> that's it, the american people, they want to pay more taxes, now, look, i don't want this to be about mass. because i've looked at the poll a dozen times, it doesn't say that, it doesn't say 80% want higher taxes, i'm going to make that clear. but is this overall, this sentiment and this country that the wealthy should pay more in taxes to get us out of the crunch? >> not by of the polls the fact is most americans want
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fiscal sanity. they want us to cut spending, reduce our debt and taxation is not the way they go. most americans work for those people who pay over 70% of the tax burden. tax them more? less jobs. >> dave: you've heard this number before. the top 1%, 37% of of the taxes in this country. julie, let me ask you, one specific bilk formed, that's cut, cap and balance legislation that the house will vote on on tuesday. what is the argument against balancing our budget? it seems a no-brainer for the americans out there, 49 of the 50 states have to do it? >> well, you know, i don't think there's a problem with balancing the budget in situations like 2008 we had a world economics meltdown ins we had a war we-- two wars we haven't funded. >> there are exceptions made. >> there are exceptions made for wars and what about the economic war waged on american
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people for the past two years and would not be able to do all the things we need today do to stimulate the economy under either the obama administration and bush administration had that not happened. the statements we need to do this without pragmatic thinking is concerning to me. back to david's point. the poll shows 73% of the american people don't want only, only tax cuts, so they want some sort of balanced approach and that's exactly what the president is talking about. >> there is truth to that. 73% say they're open to some form of taxation as part after deficit feel. not 80, but-- >> well, 73 is now rounded off to the nearest-- okay, but the vast majority agree with the president. >> no, they don't. >> i think that investors business daily. >> look at the gallop poll. >> dave: i don't want to make this about a poll. everyone can fudge a poll in their own way.
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>> if democrats look at their own polls they won't want an entitlement program. if republicans look. they don't want tax increases. what the americans want is some of this bs to be put aside and say we're looking to some sort of revenues the american public-- the polls say yes, we're open, we've got to cut down the deficit and take a look at this. they're open. >> dave: the president hasn't offered a single specific what he's talking about. if you offer specifics then you let the american people really decide. >> i've got to expect that some specifics will come out of five meetings in five days, i can't imagine that no specifics have not come out of those meetings and-- >> because it's up to congress to craft a legislation and he as president to put what is acceptable to them. up to these guys, shermanesque statements, die rather than have a revenue increase, but the bottom line the way you balance your budget is the way you balance it at home.
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>> we have to be realistic and include the president and democrats, you're right he doesn't craft legislation and steps in six weeks out of the august 2nd deadline. no pen to paper, no democrats have come up with a plan and reed has not come out with anything. the republicans are the only ones on paper to be considered, that's a fact. on the other side of this, to the point about revenues, there are a couple of ways and taxes are not the only way. if you give corporations, a tax structure, they pay more into the government. that's how you say revenue. and they've fudged with taxes and two-- >> excuse me when hedge fund managers pay 15% income and the rest of us up to 35% when we make a lot less, at that to me says there's no trickle down. the trickle down theory hasn't been proven and the revenue is
3:19 am
highest it's ever been. >> 2 trillion dollar sit idle in the u.s. why. >> dave: sitting on the side line. >> uncertainty because of regulation and uncertainty with the tax code. >> this was the case in 2008 when bush was president and no so-called regulations. >> dem could gory. >> dave: in 2006 the president called the raising of the debt ceiling a failure in leadership. isn't that what it is today in 2011? >> i think times changed. i think two years later looking at the what happened. everybody is talking about it like a credit card bill. this is not a credit card bill, looking to get more cash to spend. this is a mortgage we've purchased the home and purchased the bills so woo we're talking about defaulting on a large percentage of bills. >> i don't think we're talking-- no one wants to default. >> whatever it is, that's the, sitting on the beach with my family this week, that's the way that everyday people are talking about it whether those are the facts, that's the way it's perceived for the american people. that may be true, it may be a campaign tactic, but it's start to go work and those are
3:20 am
the things we'll look at bank accounts, concerned about 401(k)'s, interest rates on credit cards and that's the facts for he everyday people. something's got to happen and got to happen this week and august 2nd is around the corner. >> we can't get caught in this force, there is no default if we pay the debt service. we had 74 billion in treasury, 22 billion due august 2nd for social security and we continue to take in revenues. >> dave: and those are tremendous-- >> you don't default if the pay the debt service and no such things and contradictory. >> this is a subliminal thing that the republican party wants. they don't want us to default they want us to stop sending out social security checks. >> that is a-- >> if you don't raise the debt ceiling-- >> if you pay the debt service. >> dave: how does this end? how does this end? how do we get the debt ceiling raised? >> i don't want the debt ceiling raised, but the only way we should be raised
3:21 am
minimum 3 1/2 to 1 to cuts because we account for interest. no 1 to 1 when we're borrowing 43 cents on the doctor. >> and it ends with people like david admitting they don't want the safety net. >> it is a-- >> and the republican party is being held hostage to people like david and his fellow tea partiers and going to destroy themselves in a few years, and the next few years, but fine with the democrats. >> dave: what is happening in the debt seeing debate. >> i think both parts have to rise above the polls, do good government and get it forward so we can actually get a deadline by august 2nd. >> dave: thank you for a spirited debate at 6:16 in the morning, what's coming up? >> i didn't need my coffee. >> that's right, thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, casey anthony a free woman this morning. where did she go and what will
3:22 am
she do next? we're live with the anthony family home outside the family home, with the latest on her release. >> you might be trying to keep your with your kids by using social media, but be careful what you're posting a surprising new study say that mom and dad might be more revealing than their children are online. >> clayton: and this is way better than a picture with darth vader. a little boy gets a big surprise when his dad shows up at the theme park. >> he's looking at dad. not looking at darth vader. [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" this morning. a fox news alert for you. casey anthony a free woman this morning. and video of just after midnight. darryl nail joins us live from the anthony family home in orlando this morning with more on this. as we saw her walk out of jail
3:27 am
after since 2008. you're outside of the casey anthony home, any kind of activity this morning? what do you expect to see. >> well, there was very little activity in the hours right after casey anthony got out of jail. we did see george anthony briefly come outside right around 11:30 he had a visitor, said goodbye and went inside. 40 minutes later his daughter walked out of jail. according to his attorney of course they have been very disconnected from casey anthony and her attorneys in terms of what her plans are next. but we did talk to some residents here in this neighborhood, they have been of course inundated by media and press since this first came on the scene three years ago and here is what a few of them had to say. >> she in the neighborhood-- >> a lot of people are upset. >> i'm glad she was released and okay, and nothing bad happened. there were a lot of people saying hateful things and
3:28 am
worrisome, almost. >> now, later today, here on suburban drive, which is just behind me, there is going to be a walk in caylee's honor, many of the folks wanting to shift of the focus off of casey on to caylee expect today take place in orlando at two o'clock this afternoon. we're live in east orange county, florida, fox news. >> clayton: it's so interesting as we look at this, again, we had the helicopter hovering outside the jail. no sign, we have no idea where she went and managed to get away from the helicopter and s.u.v. and sort of mysteriously going to the executive airport in orlando and perhaps getting on a flight. >> dave: no way she can hide. >> clayton: i'm sorry, getting on that flight. >> dave: not in this country. >> ainsley: change her identity and hair color and-- >> that's the game now, the parlor game now. >> ainsley: out of jail right after midnight. we knew she was going to be released today. we didn't know what time that was. cameras were waiting and that happened at the beginning of the day. now for the rest of your
3:29 am
headlines this morning. investigators spending this weekend pouring offense evidence from the home of levy aaron, the so-called brooklyn butcher accused of kidnapping and dismembering an eight-year-old little boy. among other things, police seized two mattresses wrapped in brown paper from his home and dug up his back yard looking for clues. right now, the family is sitting in the jewish period of mourning, his mother not being told the gruesome details of her son's death. a man is dead after a bizarre accident involving the canadian game show cash cab. the it happened in downtown vancouver and filming ended reportedly to the night and a driver of a cab hit a 61-year-old pedestrian. the discovery channel and company that produces the show covered their condolences that the victim's family and are cooperating with police. the phone hacking scandal
3:30 am
involving news international papers takes a dramatic turn. jude law is suing claiming his phone was hacked at jfk airport. if that's true that opens up the case to pro tensiotential i united states. and rupert murdoch is taking out a second ad, promising to help the police in the investigation. newscorp is the parent company of fox news. it's a trip to three-year-old dayne sparks will never forget. >> can i get in the picture? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> cheese! >> his dad, staff sergeant jessie sparks surprised him. in california and he waited for a picture with darth vader and the 29-year-old marine had been in afghanistan since january. >> i am going to come home with you. >> are you excite abouted that? >> yeah.
3:31 am
>> ainsley: oh, now the three-year-old won't be needing his daddy doll anymore and the stuffed figure with a picture of jessie on it helped remind dayne of his father while he was away. did you see him hanging onto the stuffed animal. >> dave: the dolls with parents face on it. and friday is a great day in sports, my friends. one year ago, american dustin johnson was in position to win a major until he identified a beat down patch of dirt as a burningy. bunkers tend to be as hall as his 6 foot 5 frame. and he squandered two chances last year and zoomed into second place in less tan ideal condition and trails northern ireland's darren clarke by a shot. clark is 42 years old. mickleson, martin and kiemer,
3:32 am
it's going to be great day there. and in new hampshire, after an early crash involving steve wallace and jason leafler kyle busch would make a move and hold off for the 100th win in his kroor. the third driver in nascar history to hit the century mark, joining richard petty and david peerson. and the eyes of the nation on the u.s. women's soccer team as they play japan for the women's world cup title. the highest prize of all in all of women's soccer and the match scheduled for 2:45 eastern time in frankfurt, germany and the u.s. women looking to win their third world cup, japan is in the final match, and everyone making comparisons to 1999 team and brandy chastain
3:33 am
ripping off the shirt and the sports bra. this captivated the countries. >> ainsley: i'm glad that soccer is becoming more and more popular in the u.s. i played-- >> and men apparently running out and buying jerseys of the women's soccer team. >> dave: there's a problem with that, and we'll tell you later on. >> ainsley: exactly right. >> dave: we'll check in with rick reichmuth, our meteorologist. >> a seriously hot week for almost everybody in the country. california coast line, ports of washington and oregon, you're fine, but everybody is scorching and potentially tropical stuff. take a look at the weather maps, a heat index up and blew past it, but mid 80's across parts of the plains and the frontal boundary that's out across the atlantic and sometimes those can turn tropical or something can spin off of of that stalled frontal boundary and that's potentially what we're looking at. the cluster of storms to the east of florida has potential to produce something over the
3:34 am
next couple of days and we'll continue to watch it. it could pull out to sea, out to the east, but possible it could linger and slowly drift to the west, across florida and into the gulf and potentially pro douse something tropical and potentially a story for us if we're going to watch. move forward and take a look at the radar, there's a little bit of rotation down across when we see the radar picture, the storms off to the east and some of that moisture making its way into florida today and this morning, across the pan handle of florida seeing some pretty good showers as well. out across the west we're talking about the return of the monsoon. so, as you move forward on this map. we are he going to be watching areas of arizona and new mexico and colorado seeing the showers once again and as the day heats up, enough humidity in the area we'll see some of the thunderstorms. the big story is going to be the heat and it's going to be the big story all week long. last week, it was a story, this week, it will ab bigger story. so as you move forward and take a look at the temps for today. see the heat across the central plains and this is going to be about three to four days of temps well above
3:35 am
average and in many cases, blowing away records and higher temperatures than they've seen for this time of year. by wednesday and thursday, all that have heat is going to slide off to the east and see the records broken in across the mid atlantic. tomorrow's highs shipping up like this, you continue to see the heat move forward and one more map for me. all the heat across the central plains will say it there and you see areas of the east up towards 90 in cleveland tomorrow and heat returning into desert southwest. 109 in phoenix. >> clayton: time to go to alaska, the only map that will be blue. let's talk politics now, if you go back to 2006 and you look at the way that president obama voted when he was in the senate on the debt ceiling raise and what he publicly called it, which was a failure of leadership, if i have my exact-- >> you do, that's exactly correct. >> clayton: drudge posted. i think it's interesting, what it posted on the website how everyone voted back then in
3:36 am
the 2006 vote to raise the debt ceiling. not one democrat voted to raise the debt ceiling. >> not one. >> not one, not one. >> this was just five years ago. >> and every republican voted to raise the debt ceiling. what, it's amazing, who is in the white house, how it changes everything. >> ainsley: right, george w. bush was president then as you remember and every democrat did not want to raise the debt ceiling. now barack obama is in it and-- >> are you suggesting politics? >> no. >> dave: you can't. and joe biden was one of the democrats that vote node, not know raise the debt ceiling. and i asked that same question of karl rove and argument is percentage of gdp and spending and much different in his argument that this president has spent more than any president in u.s. history, all the presidents combined and therefore changes the dynamic when a president has spent that much. >> dave: give you a number. the total federal debt has gone up 35% since january of
3:37 am
2009, under president obama. 35% so i think that's why you see the enormous shift in those numbers from democrats to republicans. >> ainsley: and to say it is one thing, but to actually see that number and watch the numbers change constantly, makes you very nervous. >> clayton: yeah. >> ainsley: like looking at your bank account, it disappears, this goes up whereas our bank accounts are going down. >> clayton: let now what you think, sends he is tweets, e-mails and also emergencies on fa and also messages on facebook. and an article talks about how much people share on facebook. teens overshare. >> ainsley: too much snfrgs. >> clayton: way too much nevers on facebook and turns out they're not the biggest offenders. >> ainsley: i love this. >> dave: tmi is not just for kids anymore. apparently it's the adults, the parents who are oversharing, even more so than the kids these days.
3:38 am
and even though they spend far less time on facebook, just 38 minutes compared to kids who spend 55 munts, and apparently it's also the adults who are less conscious of their privacy controls. i know that gets clayton, he's a privacy control guy. why are the adults and parents not as conscious of the consequences of oversharing. >> according to the study because they care more about their popularity than safety and-- >> kids are more concerned about popularity. >> ainsley: apparently according to the study that's not the case. >> clayton: what's interesting about this, i think in three or montfour months ago, kids ar more aware of privacy, they are aware. you see a 18, 20-year-old profile you'll see a lock box there, hey, now, kristin does not share any information publicly. >> ainsley: i'll tell you what i think, exactly. >> dave: parents don't think about it.
3:39 am
>> ainsley: if you think about our parents my mom has a facebook account. i kind of set it up for her. she doesn't know how doing through the privacy settings. >> clayton: it's complicated and facebook has taken heat making things more user friendly and tweaking it, but a lot is set to default publicly. mom shares a picture of the birthday party. >> dave: a photo of clayton in his diaper. >> clayton: no, no, i was at my mom's house a few months ago, weeks ago sitting back on the couch when you're like on a sunday afternoon to your parent's house. >> dave: al bundy style. >> clayton: shirtless. mom takes a photo. my wife says that's on facebook. i said what? >> a national news anchor, i don't need to be on facebook without my shirt on. >> dave: we want your e-mails and tweets and comments obviously, give us an example of oversharing, we want to hear that. >> ainsley: and my parents, i'm friends with them, and a
3:40 am
woman went to europe and put on pictures every day and everybody could-- zoo. >> clayton: and don't look for my naked photo. the more 0 on the casey anthony trial. she's facing death threats and lawsuits already. what's next for the disgraced mom. >> ainsley: they have more in common than just tiger woods. the surprising link between the golfers ex-wife and his ex-mistress. ♪ woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
3:41 am
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3:44 am
>> quick headlines for you. brand new video from the space shuttle atlantis. astronauts holding an interactive lesson from outer space and the video streaming the students on earth. they will undock from the iss on tuesday, this of course the end of nasa's 30 year space program. it seems like elin nordegren can't escape the ex-mistresses of ex-husband tiger woods. tmz reporting that she's dating a businessman who once dated rachel uchitel. >> ainsley: clayton, ainsley
3:45 am
in mission control. >> clayton: day after shocking acquittal, what will happen now that she's out of dale. >> ainsley: the former attorney for south florida, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> ainsley: all right. to you, what is the biggest question regarding her future? is it the finances? we know there are several lawsuits pending, or just the fact that she's going to try to remain hidden in the years to come? >> well, if we were redesigning the pink t-shurt we were wearing i think we'd put a bulls eye on one side and a dollar sign on the other. obviously, personal security is the immediate and paramount concern and we've been reading about the death threats and watching information. at the same time she's got to be concerned about money, she's broke, unemployable. completely separated from her parents and one asset she has may be book rights.
3:46 am
let's face it, even though she may be notorious-- >> oj tried to write a book. let's talk about the lawsuits, what do they entail. >> two lawsuits we're awar of. one is filed by equi-texas search. they're claiming reimbursement for the search of the the more serious is the one brought my gonzalez, a deposition said october 8th for casey anthony, that could be trouble for her. think of this, she's required to answer questions under oath which you have to do in a civil deposition and they start asking her about what really happened, figure out what she's a coko compulsive li on a good day, and explain things in the trial that weren't proven, accidental drowning, she could wind back up in a heap of trouble if somebody looks at the deposition transcripts and decides she's committing
3:47 am
perjury. >> dave: she could easily perjure herself and the burden of proof is lower in a civil trial than the criminal trail. who foots the bill for keeping her safe and not hidden. >> she is something-- oj had resources, michael jackson had resources and many times went to another country. and the expectations on a book deal or movie deal, they could place her somewhere out of public sight as long as possible. >> clayton: that's the next question. out of public sight. where does she go? remain in hiding, change her name? i mean, if you were advising her, i mean as a prosecutor you wouldn't be advising her, but where does she go? >> well, it's it's so hard to figure out what this particular woman is going to want to do. would she change her appearance knowing that her appearance is a financial
3:48 am
asset in this strange world of ours. if could actually be something that leads her to who knows, photographs for the magazine, maybe some other kind of exploittation that could money in her pocket. if i were advising her i'd look for a cabin somewhere in montana and get her out of public sight as far as possible, but casey anthony is very hard to figure. and i think other than making sure she's relatively safe, her entire focus is going to be on money. how she can live the life she's been wanting to live and how to fund. >> you made a great point, bringing up the t-shirt. you walk out of there in baggie clothes and frumpy if hiding is your objective not wearing this tight pink t-shirt with a plunging necklace and obvious things on display there, so, does she want to hide from anything you've seen of this woman partying for 30 days while her daughter was missing and may have been dead the entire
3:49 am
time. is this a woman wanting to stay hidden. >> right now listening to her attorneys and may have saved her life and certainly scored a stunning verdict, but i think in a matter of days if not weeks she's going be to be back to being casey anthony. and that means, not wanting to hide, that means wanting to have as wild a life as possible, trying to exploit it for whatever commercial advantage she can get and yes, finder her back to nightclubs somewhere. >> clayton: fascinating stuff. kendall, we appreciate your expertise. >> thanks for inviting me. >> dave: almost ten years since the 9/11 attacks and first responders still can't communicate with each other in case ever disaster. >> and she's not holding back. bristol palin is on the curvy couch setting the record straight about her mom's 2012 plans and her own political
3:50 am
future. that's in the next hour. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor!
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3:53 am
>> nearry ten years since the september 11th attacks, and along with the frightening possibility that a similar attack could happen again is the fact that first responders would still have trouble communicating in the event of a catastrophe.
3:54 am
joining us now is john field, the founder of the feel good foundation and helped lead the way for the 9/11 health care bill and is now pushing for a wireless network for first responders. thanks for being with us, john and thank you for being one of those first responders. how, first of all, did that affect your life? >> thank you for having me. it changed my life forever. i lost half of my left foot and spent weeks in the hospital dozens of surgeries. but i started a foundation that helps firefighters, construction workers and i'm proud of that. >> how did you lose part of your foot. >> thousands of pounds of steel on my foot and i became septemberic and it was an uphill battle. >> ainsley: god bless you. what is the communication system now and how do you want to change it. >> god forbid there's another event like 9/11 or katrina.
3:55 am
and when a cop or a firefighter does their job we equip them with tools necessary to do their job the. but they don't have the proper communication and this bill will provide that communication for federal, state and local authorities, during any sort of event like a 9/11 or katrina. this is a no-brainer. the 9/11 commission on page 397 recommended this nine years ago. why have this book if you're not going to follow what it recommended nine years ago. >> ainsley: exactly. our country can't afford something like this to happen again. what is your response of congressmen and women think? >> just like last year, the budget was a big issue and have to take a back seat and now with the debt ceiling, the bill is taking a back seat again. and we are going to d.c. and asking them to vote like americans, not democrats or republicans. this didn't matter what party you're affiliated with. we need a bill pass today make sure that first responders,
3:56 am
our nation is looking out for them. >> ainsley: keep us posted. i wish you the best, you're leaving on tuesday to talk with the congressman. >> yes, ma'am. >> ainsley: america's most notorious mom is out of jail and back in the real world? where will she be welcomed now? we have mer release and the top report at the top of the hour. senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell wants the president to raise the debt ceiling, calling it a contingency plan. is this all real or a bluff? we report, you decide. ♪ . we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius.
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4:00 am
>> it good sunday morning to you, the july 17th. the end of july already, where does it go? i'm ainsley earhart in for alisyn this morning. just after the stroke of midnight casey anthony walked out of jail a free woman. even though she's free, america is still outraged. where can she go now? we're live in orlando in just moments. >> dave: and senator mitch mcconnell wants to let the president raise the debt ceiling. he calls it a contingency plan, but critics call it a big sellout. >> clayton: heroes at ground zero force today retire because of a disability. when he was deemed fit for
4:01 am
duty, they told him to just stay home. mixed martial arts. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ . >> ainsley: good morning to you, if you're just waking up with us, now you know that casey anthony is a free woman. out of jail, just after midnight this morning. >> clayton: yeah, pulled basically a complete vanishing act. no one knows where she is. darryl has been camped outside the home all night long in orlando, florida and joins us now with the latest. good morning, darryl. >> good morning, to you, right down this road, suburban drive is where caylee anthony's body was found years ago and down hope spring where her mother and father live, she used to
4:02 am
and she's not returning her and residents say they're glad. thomas pierre says he's happy that casey anthony did not come back to his neighborhood. >> she shouldn't be in the neighborhood. there's a lot of people upset. >> the home of george and cindy anthony was quiet most of the night. because of accusations she made against her parents, most people believed this was the last place he'd go. the only time he came out of the house was before she was released from jail. said goodbye. >> and the way to end like this, wow, we're here. >> dan and paula were at the jail watching casey when she was released and the married couple likely the only ones to stop by george and cindy's home. >> and nothing bad happened and there were a lot much people out there saying hate feel things, like, worrisome almost. >> for those driving by the
4:03 am
neighborhood here in front of the anthony home is looks like there's a sheriff's deputy watching over it, but in fact, there's just a sheriff's deputy patrol car with nobody inside it. soon, even the patrol car will be gone and this resident says he's ready for a change. >> there's so much traffic and people would just like stop and want to ask questions and it was annoying sometimes, but what are you going to do? >> now, attorneys for both casey anthony and her parents have made it adbundantly clear that they don't expect contact with their daughter, don't know where she's going or what her plans are, and hope she's safe. back to you in new york. >> dave: that's the big question going from here, where will she be? how does she protect herself and how does she begin to pay some of the bills that are obviously racking up by the minute? a couple of lawsuits have been filed, one by the company, that search company out of texas, another by zani the
4:04 am
nanny that lived in the same complex as casey anthony. filing a civil suit which should be a pretty easy case to proof. >> easy case and she'd be deposed and have to go on the stand and she'd have to talk. if she perjures herself, saying contradictory statements as kendall talked about earlier on the show. and here is the walk after midnight. coming out of jail, briefly. a 15 second walk ab we had some reporters, only three journalists allowed in the room and huber from the orlando sentinel, doing a great job covering this trial. and here is how he described the scene. >> that's probably one of the fastest walks i've seen. it probablying took about 15 seconds. she comes out of the release center, release door, walking into the public lobby, she
4:05 am
looked straight ahead. she looks, casey looks at the srt standing guard to my right, to her left. she looks down, she looks up, looks down one more time as she's passing me, she is, her eyes are looking forward. looking down, and then, as she's walking out, the srt is following her, i believe it was an ak 45, and then she exits and she just went off into the darkness. >> ainsley: yeah, well, many americans didn't want to see this happen and many out there protesting with signs against casey anthony being free. and we have, sound from some of the protesters, take a listen. >> we're just out here, we don't care if it's raining, we don't care where the thunder is, we're out here. >> because it's an important thing to boycott casey. that she gets no money.
4:06 am
>> to protest that this kill ser getting out. that she had such a jury trial that was a joke, a six-year-old would have made a more conscious effort, decision than what they actually did. >> no, she's definitely guilty. >> clayton: just outside the orlando jail where she was. the facebook pages are ridiculous at this hour. the i hate casey anthony facebook page, pushing 50,000 fans. >> ainsley: 45 at the top of the show at 6 a.m. >> clayton: overnight. thousands added and another page, another anti-casey anthony page. 775,000 on that page. who are against. >> dave: i don't know, nothing to me screams that this woman wants to hide. obviously that's what she has to do, but it doesn't seem in her character, in her wardrobe and her past. should be an interesting time. >> ainsley: for the rest of your headlines. tragedy in the boston harbor, one man dead, another seriously injured after the 30
4:07 am
foot speed boat they were on, breaks apart and capsizes and police say the two were thrown into the water and suffered head and chest injuries. the coast guard now investigation, how the accident happened. a fugitive murder suspect is back in custody this morning. this is 24-year-old james brewer, escaped from a washington d.c. courthouse by swapping i.d. bracelets with another inmate. on the run for almost 24 hours before police say he turned himself in. and he's charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant and now faces additional charges for eluding custody. former imf head dominique straus-kahn sampling the good wife after his house arrest. they were spotted at tanglewood in massachusetts over the weekend. listening to classical music and a french magazine is reporting that dsk entertained not one, not two, but three women, the same weekend that he allegedly assaulted that hotel maid.
4:08 am
the criminal charges are expected to be dropped soon. and cheers and plenty of tears as these eight sailors, from the u.s.s. george washington returned back home in detroit. they have been at sea for more than a year, stationed in japan. >> not a lot of people have the courage and bravery that these men and women that are serving and are leaving their families and some of them pay the ultimate price. >> i'm happy to be home. it's nice. >> these sailors aren't just home on a break, they're taking part in initial navy week which starts tomorrow. those are your headlines. >> clayton: thank you, ainsley. let's check with rick for the hot forecast. >> that's it. brutally hot across the plains and 82 in kansas city, feels like 85 or 86 and just starting your morning. if you've got to get out, get out in the morning or night, but the heat in the middle of
4:09 am
the the day. across the central plains, now it's stretching a little closer towards the great lakes and it's going to very slowly my great off toward the east and expand. not going away here, but also extend out to the the east as we move through parts of this coming week. a couple of things to watch. we have the front stalled across parts of florida and showers here, keeping temps cool across the southeast, but that potentially could be a tropical development the next couple of days and conditions more favorable developing into something tropical around tuesday. across the west, also, this right here, you see the moisture across parts of arizona and headed to colorado a monsoonal flow and see it again, the next three or four days, and good news for the folks out there, you want the rain. and check this out. 100 in rapid stishgs 94 in minneapolis, 98 in kansas city kansas city, it doesn't change tomorrow. you see the reds creep away towards the east and get ready, it will you what, if you thought last weekend was hot. we had the heat advisories and
4:10 am
the big headline, much worse this time and it's going to be with us for a few days longer unfortunately. >> clayton: and the real headline, return of the monsoon. it sounds like a 1950 sci-fi film. >> and dave learned that on facebook and twitter. is it real? do people love it, yes. >> i get the message. >> thanks, rick. coming up on the show, mitch mcconnell wants the president to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. calling it a contingency plan. the and our nextness calls it a sellout. >> ainsley: it's usa fever. yes, team usa taking on japan for the world cup, but male fans are facing a dilemma. they don't make the team's jerseys for men. >> clayton: that's not fair. we have to wear a sports bra underneath it to make it fit. ♪
4:11 am
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4:14 am
>> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is proposing a plan to allow the president to raise the debt limit without presidential approval of spending cuts. >> if the president wants to threaten seniors or veterans or rattle the world economy by pretending he can't pay our bills, he of course can do that. but he's not going to implicate republicans in these efforts. >> is his plan more of a sellout? former chief speech writer for president george w. bush joins us now to weigh in and written a great piece about this and basically calls the mcconnell plan a sellout and i want to quote something from your piece in part. you say the point of the mcconnell plan basically allows the republicans to wipe their hands of responsibility, but you say that this
4:15 am
basically makes them co-conspirators in raising the debt ceiling, how so? >> absolutely. if your goal is to give them political cover to raise the debt limit and this is politically brilliant. if your goal is to actually reduce the debt. it's a complete sellout. what happens is they vote to hand over, temporarily hand over their power to the president over the debt limit and he has to submit three tranches of debt limit increase and they get to vote to disapprove itten. they've voted to give the president carte blanche. and then get to vote no three times. brilliant politically and they can go on the campaign ads and say we voted against the debt limit, but gave him the power and hand over the power to do it. >> ainsley: economically how is it? >> terrible. nothing to reduce the debt and might attach spending cuts agreed to it, but still more than a trillion dollars more in raising the debt than it would be in reduction. >> ainsley: who can stop it, can anyone stop it?
4:16 am
>> the guy people haven't been talking about, who could stop this is jim demint. if you recall. he supported a lot of challenges to sitting republicans and roiled the party in the election and pledged not to do it. if the mcconnell plan goes through. anyone could have a well funded conservative challenger in our race. >> a sound bite or full of what he had to say. the idea that republicans will not vote to increase the debt limit by approving the mcconnell plan. republicans were elected to get control of borrowing and debt the last thing we should do is make it easier to borrow and spend money. >> he says he's going to filibuster the mcconnell plan and what will scare them not to have republicans frightened to vote for the plan is if demint says if you vote for this, you will have a well funded conservative challenger in your republican primary for
4:17 am
anyone who votes on the plan. >> to get your interest on the the story, this week we're seeing the space shuttle and the final launch and the president made the phone call up to the astronauts the other day. it's kind of sad because you don't hear much of a plan. don't hear much leadership coming to washington as to the future of the country and not only the shuttle program ending, we don't have, the decision to invade libya, whether or not it give the liby libyan government authority there and seemgs as if this white house is in a way leading from behind. what's your sense of it. >> remember in the president's state of the union address, saying we need a sputnik moment, the realize we were losing the space race to rush is a. the here is the sputnik moment, we're depending on russ russia get to us space. and gaddafi, a sign of weakness and foreign intelligence service, 24,000
4:18 am
secrets and wikileaks post these on the web, weakness, we're sending signals of american weakness. reiterated by david ignatius in the washington post, an interesting piece about president obama not looking at american exceptionalism and leading from behind. >> the afghan withdrawal. the military commanders say keep the surge troops in place, he's more interested in ending the war. my old boss donald rumsfeld said weakness is provocative. if you keep sending these signals, it will come back to bite us. >> thank you for being in the studio. coming up on show. imagine sleeping in a tent and a bear breaks in. >> ainsley: no thanks. >> clayton: it happened to a 13-year-old. >> ainsley: wow. >> clayton: everyone's fear of camping. >> ainsley: and everything is on the table now. brings tal palin sits down on our curvy couch. what she nis about john mccain
4:19 am
and her mom sarah palin potentially running for president. >> she's up next. @ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪ ♪ hah @
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
>> she was living life as a typical american high school student when all of a sudden, this happened. >> governor sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> dave: her mom, as you all know, sarah palin, went from governor of alaska to vp nominee, thrusting their entire family in the national spotlight. and bristol palin is opening up about the last three years and setting the record straight. her new book is "not afraid of life" my journey so far. good morning, bristol. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: did you ever go back
4:23 am
and say could i go back to a time when i was a typical student and no one knew my business. >> of course, but i look at it kind of as a blessing, i have been given a platform to talk about a the lot of things that are important to me. >> dave: if there's one reason to write a book, what is it? what do you want, whether it's a 17-year-old girl, a 35-year-old man. what do you want people to read the book and come away with? >> you know, i think there's a lot of different audience that is my book can reach and i hope that people just leave reading it, with a better understand who i am and what our family stands for. >> kind of those battles that you went through. >> yes. >> now everything of course is scrutinized by the media, everything you do, whether it's the surgery or your mom's e-mails or "dancing with the stars." is it all fair? now that you've become, i guess, sort of a reality personality, is it all fair to criticize and to talk about and to look into your life? is it all okay with you? >> yeah, i feel like no matter
4:24 am
what my family is going to be doing, whether we're out, you know, in wasilla or out in the middle of nowhere, people are still going to talk about my family and we might as well being doing good things. hopefully with my new book and new show coming up, good, positive things. >> dave: you talked about the new show, i don't know that people know. >> with chris and kyle massey and we're going to be doing a reality show and it's charity based out of california. >> dave: and trip is going to be on the show. >> yes, he is. >> dave: and you have said before that you are a very protective, but maybe even overprotective parent. why then put trip on tv and in front of a national audience. >> i think that this, this show is going to be good. it's going to teach him to give back and it's going to be really positive. >> dave: he's going to already learn how to give back at his age, too. >> yes, he will. >> dave: and i asked some folks on twitter and facebook some questions and what had to do with your now reality
4:25 am
shows. and it has a bit of a satirical edge. at what point did you morph into a kardashian. but is this where you go into a reality star. >> i want to do what's right for trip and my family and stay true to myself and god. >> dave: how about politics, does your mother's experience inspires or dissuade you from politics. >> i think it inspires me, but, but. >> dave: nothing in politics. >> not anyfinal soon. >> dave: what bothers you when people look up at your family's life? >> when they talk poorly about my little brother, i get defensive. >> dave: and that's the only part. >> trigg is a innocence part
4:26 am
of our family. >> dave: and your mother. >> you know the clause would come out and more intent into her life, yourself e-life and your dad's life. why do you think she had be a good president and when you look look into her eyes and something she wants. >> you know, i've talked about it before and she would be great for our country, she's smart, she's a mom and ran her own business before a wonderful politician. >> dave: you brought this home in arizona where senator mccain lifls. i'm told it's now for rent. >> yes. >> dave: are you looking for a future in arizona, will you go to college there or is arizona not a part of our plains. >> arizona that was an investment property that home there, i'm renting it out while i do the show in california. >> dave: and we can see at that when? >> that's going to be airing in november. >> dave: on the biography channel. >> yes. >> dave: what's it called. >> don't have a title yet. >> dave: kyle massey looks
4:27 am
like an interesting co-star. the book is "not afraid of life" my journey so far, thank you for being here. great to me you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: the unemployment rate is 9.2%, and get this, it might be that way for a long time coming. a new report that says 5% unemployment is a decade away. and the hero that worked the at ground zero. force today he retire because of pa disability. when he was later deemed fit for duty his union bosses told him to stay home and take home the pay. and team usa, could take home the cup the first time in 12 years, but male fans have a problem. ne doesn't make teen jerseys for the men to wear. what do we do about it? ♪ r ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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tantalizing fragrances and olay moisturizing ingredients that transform lathering into lavishing. olay body collections. >> welcome back, i'm dave briggs, ainsley earhart in for alisyn. remember the good old days when it was just 5%. >> clayton: when was that. >> ainsley: 2007 before the recession. >> dave: 2007. >> clayton: seems like a long time ago. new predictions out to get down to that 5% unemployment,
4:32 am
could take a decade to get there. take a look at this, as this chart rolls out here. the current unemployment projections right now are the at 9.2%. well, 5%, ten years from now, is the prediction. >> ainsley: wow. >> dave: 2014, i guess they say or 2024 when they say the unemployment rate returns to the point that it was when we started this recession. and this is from the wall street journal mo put the numbers together and another staggering number they say the unemployment rate by the end of 2012, 8.8. >> ainsley: not much change. in the article what does it take to get back the way we used to be. jobs and a lot of time. >> clayton: and 2012, the 10 year projections who knows bow 2012 projection from goldman sachs, 8.75%, remarkable
4:33 am
numbers of unemployment on election day and historically you know the numbers and when presidents are elected and reelected, based on whether unemployment is above 8%. >> dave: 7.4%, we haven't had a president reelected since fdr. so, will this be ultimately the only thing that matters for president obama come election time? right now we're caught up in the debt ceiling debate. can you get past it if the unemployment rate is 8.75% and downgraded the growth numbers for the future of this country in terms of gdp. it's bleak, i wish we had better news for you. >> i know. >> dave: but there's not. >> ainsley: a lot of people out of work out there. >> dave: 14 million in june. >> ainsley: now for the rest of your headlines, relatives of a missing denver woman want detectives to search for a man on craigslist who they think might be linked to her disappearance. she went missing on july 8th when her unlocked jeep was found abandoned and her sister says a man contacted her after
4:34 am
she posted an ad on craigslist for a roommate and she reportedly took down the ad after she says a man scared her. quit or be fired, nearly 200 teachers implicated in a cheating scandal in atlanta have until this wednesday to be resigned or terminated by the superintendent. this comes weeks after it was revealed they were correct willing wrong answers on their students standardized to make the theirs look better. even though he's fit to return to work, he was he refired because of health problems relate today long days working at ground zero. years later he was teamed fit to work again. no firefighter has ever been medically to cleared to to be fit to work after being
4:35 am
retired. and he says he'd rather go back to work. >> a 13-year-old boy is speaking the first time. he awake to a bearing his leg. other campers fought off the bear and he he made it out alive. >> he tried to pull me out at one point. luckily, in my pajamas, broken, so, he just took my pajamas. >> the bear was eventually caught and put down by park and wild life officials. and here is a love story decades in the making. 60 years after she refused his marriage proposal she finally married joe inno they parted when joe went in the service and married other people. thanks to a relative they reconnected in 2009 when they were both single again. >> i tell myself that the lord brought us back together again and gave us a second chance. >> oh, my gosh, my mother is
4:36 am
getting married. >> it's a fairy tale, and it's exciting. >> the newlyweds say they're excite today begin their lives together as husband and wife and congratulations to that happy couple. those are your head lines. >> and take their honeymoon about 40 years from now. >> this time. and a big day in sports, folks, sit by the tv. plenty of to store. one year ago, american dustin johnson, a golfer in position to win the pga championship until he misidentified a deep down patch of dirt as bunker. that will not happen at the british opens because bunkers at the british open, about as actual as dustin johnson, 6 foot 4. today royal st. georges the final round. he made his move and squandered two chances at the open and the championship last year, but he was two under saturday and rough conditions. he trails northern ireland's darren clarke who is the favorite by all the locals there.
4:37 am
42-year-old who could please the fans, other noteables in the hunt, mickleson, fowler who made a run on saturday. martin timer, five strokes separate the top 12 players there, really, anyone can win i'm taking johnson though. to nascar, kyle busch looking to hit the century mark, the nationwide series in new hampshire. before an early crash, involving wallace and leafler, he would make a move. 100th, the third driver in nascar history to reach the century mark. how about that, and today, soccer frenzy, u.s. women take on japan at 2:45 eastern time for the u.s. world cup. it should be a highly anticipated match. the u.s. women are looking to win their first world cup since 1999 the. japan in this thing for the first time. there's a problem going on,
4:38 am
folks, guys, all of you guys out there that support this team and in fact, more male fans than women. they can't find jerseys that fit them if they want to wear the jerseys and support their team. they're tailored for the ladies this year. >> ainsley: what gets me about the story, if we want to wear the men's jersey, they make the ladies version. they don't make the men's jerseys. >> dave: this year in particular, he's now a tv analyst, he can pull it off because he's very trim. >> ainsley: arts are cut. >> dave: the sleeves. >> clayton: higher. >> dave: tailored for the waist in and out. an awkward fit and big guys cannot wear these. >> clayton: could you pull that off? here is my outfit. i went out and picked up, i wanted to wear the hope solo shirt. this is me in goal. >> dave: and you want it because it's solo and hans
4:39 am
sole other and guys say they buy the double, double xl and doesn't fit and tailored. >> clayton: whose arms are those. >> dave: those are the guns, baby. >> ainsley: look good. >> dave: it's interesting, the match against brazil 2.7 million men watching versus 1.2 million women. so, more men are watching this team than women. what are guys doing? they're buying men's jerseys and having them custom-made with the women's names on the back. the wives club they call them, all the husbands of the players, that's what they're doing, buying men's jerseys and putting the men's name on the back. >> ainsley: a good business idea. someone watching create the tv's. >> clayton: here is a guy, another example of one of the tight fitting shirts. >> dave: yeah, this is one of die-hard new york fans, and that's what he did, bought the men's jersey and had the women's name across the back. a company in manhattan. >> clayton: rick, i know you're out there in the throngs of people and people hold up signs, it looks when
4:40 am
you look around the soccer audience, when they hold up signs they want to marry the people on the field. >> that's true like the people who want to marry dave briggs. >> dave: look at them all, out there. >> ainsley: in droves. >> there's a dude. there's a guy. >> sorry, dave. let's take a look at the weather maps, a couple of things are brewing, one is the heat. look at high temperatures for today. 100 degrees in rapid city, 93 in minneapolis, and all the temps into the upper 90's across the plains, it's going to be humid as well. and one of the things is the length of the heatwave. areas across the south not catching any break at all and take a look at what we're dealing with today. dodge city, kansas today at 104, 11 degrees above your average. tulsa, above your average. it's not just todayment move forward and see how long it's been going on. since june 1st, 46 days, 45 of the days in tulsa, above your
4:41 am
average temperature, every day in lubbock, temperature. places hot in the summer. you're expecting a hot summer, but get this length and duration of a heatwave. and of course, the drought is the other big story. today we have excessive heat warnings farther to the north and that's what we'll be dealing with. highest temperatures, places like minneapolis, parts of north and south dakota and the heat indices, extremely high, 110 to 115. guys, a very long week ahead of heat is going to be with us at least until friday and saturday and probably talking about this again next weekend. >> the return of the monsoon. >> dave: why you got to pick on me? now what? my wife want today marry me, that's all that matters. >> ainsley: a good one. >> clayton: we're easy targets. america's most notorious mom, a free woman. where will casey anthony, the host of true facts joins us live. >> ainsley: president obama says 80% of americans support what he calls the balanced
4:42 am
approach to fixing the debt problem. the numbers show the opposite. so, where did he get his math? ♪ ♪ sun in the sky
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the better i drive, the more i save. it's crystal-clear savings and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. >> welcome back, their dramatic rescue was watched by millions, now the miners in chile, are suing the government saying they failed to enforce saved regulation, key manning a half million dollar each in damages and carmageddon is car heaven. the predicted traffic jam of the century in los angeles almost nonexistent as they're staying home. roads and highways, light on traffic, even as construction on the 405 freeway continues.
4:46 am
and that's great news, mr. morris. >> clayton: and los angeles to do anything you have to drive 20 minutes. even to drive to your neighbor's house, you drive there. the clock is ticking toward the second, august 2nd debt ceiling deadline and president obama says he knows what the american people want when it comes to solving the debt crisis. >> you have 80% of the american people who support a balanced approach. 80% of the american people support an approach that includes revenues, and includes cuts. and so, the notion that somehow the american people aren't sold is the not the problem. >> clayton: according to a rasmussen poll, the majority of americans say they do not wants tax hikes included. the president of rasmussen reports, scott rasmussen joins us. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: and thanks for coming in this sunday. the spending cuts 50%, tax increases and spending cuts,
4:47 am
32%. and you see the numbers in the tax increases, 11%. how is he getting that 80% number? when you guys find 55% of people say no? >> look, i don't know where the president got his numbers. what's happening is this is symbolizing why people hate politics, they don't trust any politicians throwing numbers around about spending cuts or anything else and what we really see in this debate is that people think if there's a balanced approach presented, that the politicians will actually implement the tax hikes, but not implement the spending cuts. >> clayton: we're seeing about the great deal that may be going through "the washington post" cover story this morning, about this grand deal, which would include, you know what we're going to pass the debt ceiling and not going to do anything, but pass the debt ceiling. a few months later, by the end of the year we'll pass a major spending cut legislation. what you're saying is most americans won't trust them to do the sec thing after they raise the debt ceiling. >> that's correct. the last time that the spending went from one year to the next, was two years before
4:48 am
i was born. the same year that elvis recorded-- >> i was going to say the '70s. >> people have been voting for politicians to promise to cut he think spending and taxes for generations now, and that doesn't happen and that's why they're suspicious. >> clayton: washington hasn't cut spending since the 1950'sen you guys have other polls out. the government and economy how do americans feel about this, what are we seeing? >> americans are concerned about the games they're playing. 59% think if they missed the deadline and default. bad for the u.s. economy. only 60% think a good impact. >> another poll, what's more dangerous, the short-term failure to cut government spending or government defaulting on debt. what do we see? >> this is interesting, people think that the default will be very bad, but raising the debt ceiling without passing spending cuts will be worse. again, the message coming from the american people very loud and clear, they want to see something done to slow the growth of government spending
4:49 am
or turn it around. >> clayton: maybe we can break the news, what do you expect. >> we release these at 9:30 eastern every single day and the president's numbers are going to be down a little, down to 45% total approval and just 25% strongly improved. >> unbelievable. scott rasmussen, great to see you, have a great sunday. thank so much. coming up, the nation watched the casey anthony case unfold for three years, now she's a free woman. our next guest says just because she's out doesn't mean she's innocent. you touch me, i'll touch you. this woman so fed up with the invasive patdowns she grabbed the screener right back. irony or assault? the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] the network --
4:50 am
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>> her acquittal shocked the world. casey anthony is a free woman. what is next in store for her? jon lieberman the host of "true facts" radio show and one of america's most wanted correspondents, i know you've been busy this week, good morning, john, where does she go from here? >> from my time of america's most wanted covering fugitives, i know she has to act almost like a fugitive the next few weeks and she has to try to blend in. she may try to change her appearance. and see also has to limit her electronic footprint. don't forget about that, too, has to limit any e-mail communication, facebook communication for her own safety. in a lot of ways she has to act like a fugitive. doesn't want to bring attention to herself. >> ainsley: some people are saying she does though. people say she has loved the cameras all along. >> she absolutely has and i think that she's loved the camera, she's loved the attention, but for her own safety, i'm sure she's being
4:54 am
advised lay low for a couple of weeks, get some things together. get your life sorted together, maybe start going to treatment. her attorney indicated had a she would start going to treatment and counseling. but, yeah, there's no doubt that she loves the cameras and that's my thing, too, i'm hoping that today sort of starts the next chapter in this. there's been so much outrage and venom. i'm hoping that everybody says that she's free now. i would argue she's not necessarily free in the sense of the world that we would think. not in a 12 by 7 cell like she has been the last days, she's not totally free and move about the country as a free woman would. >> i've heard you say this whole week, just because the jury says she's not guilty doesn't mean she's innocent. >> what upsets me so much is, and i think hopefully the time that the community can focus the venom. everybody has been focused on the jurors. the jurors, they're horrible.
4:55 am
one juror had to leave her home, leave her job, leave her state. the jury did not find her innocent, they found her not guilty of the charges that she was charged. they found her guilty of lying to police. the real tragedy is, we may never know what happened to little-- >> a baby, a baby is gone. that's the tragedy. >> i agree 100%. that's the real tragedy. other tragedy because casey lied we may never know what happened. if casey hadn't lied and caylee's body might have been found sooner there might have been more forensic evidence and we might have known more about it. i urge, i hate to say urge calm, but people should put energy towards, if you want to see caylee's law passed, sign the petition, but don't no cuss venoms at the jury and-- >> caylee's law would make it a felony if someone did not report their child missing after 24 hours. >> 18 states are looking into it right now. a constructive way, people
4:56 am
could say something came out of this tangible that will help us protect our children and protect children against-- >> i don't think that will be pa problem. i think this will pass with flying colors. >> i think the public sentiment is is there. the reality is casey anthony needs money and i see her signing a book or movie deal. yes, it's sickening, yes, you know, boycott the book and the movie if that's the way you want to express your outrage. >> ainsley: thank you, john. good to see you again. new clues that governor rick perry is about to enter the presidential race, he's getting the support of top republicans, so do the other candidates stand a chance? helping out one of our nation's heroes. he made the ultimate sacrifice and his community wanted to pay him back, their gift next hour. looking good! you lost some weight.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
we have a fox news alert. casey anthony a free woman this morning. after three years behind bars, america's most notorious mother walked out last night. many are outraged by her acquittal. a live report. >> dave: you've heard about the tsa's invasive patdowns, one passenger turning the tables on the tsa and taking the matter into her own hands, literally. oh, and looking for a job? how about fishing for golf balls or being a cricket farmer? we're not kidding. the odd jobs that can make you big money. a new book about it and the author here on "fox & friends," hour three starts right now. >> dave: cricket farming, aye? ♪ that's right, folks, a fox news alert. you wake up and find out the
5:01 am
big news, casey anthony is out of jail, she is a free woman. so many questions moving forward. but we start with the fact that she was, as we said, released last night after midnight from the orange county jail in orlando, florida, wearing that pink top with i guess you'd call it a plunging necklace. >> ainsley: a v-neck. >> dave: a v-neck, a few minutes after 12 rushed to an undisclosed location, see was taken to an suv and we have no idea where she is. >> clayton: dozens of protesters spent the night waiting to come face-to-face with casey anthony. what's the late there? are people still there. >> reporter: they're still there and forgive me if i'm shouting. there's a radical christian group holding a sunday morning church service on a megaphone on the sidewalk just to my right. so i'm going to try to talk over them. but just as you said, where casey anthony is at this very
5:02 am
hour is anyone's guess at this point. her lawyers were basically successful in throwing us off the trail in the overnight hours. but, take a look at the video. video that the world has been waiting to see. pool cameras shooting casey anthony walking out of the orange county jail at about 12:14 right out the front door. she was wearing that pink polo shirt and hair in a bun. her primary defense attorney jose baez by her side. they then got into a motorcade, a gray suburban, a cream colored chevy tahoe with a white follow cash and drove to the bank of america parking garage not far from where i'm standing in downtown orlando, where her own attorney cheney mason has an office there. the bait and switch happened. the s.u.v. never reemerged other cars did and not clear which one casey anthony was in and where they went from
5:03 am
there. around that time, bit way, there was police activity across town at the orlando executive airport. a private plane was fueled up, and ready to go engines running on the runway, but no one ever physically saw casey anthony boarding that aircraft. officials later said that the plane was scheduled to carry golfers back to ohio. we haven't been able to iron that story out. now, we mentioned the protesters, a crowd of about 300 of them were outside this jail when casey anthony left, obviously, there was a heavy police presence, officers, even on horseback, a lot of those protesters holding homemade signs and shoutings things like baby killer, as the motorcade went by and when casey anthony walked out of that front door. there have obviously been a lot of rumors, in terms of where casey anthony is going from here. we've heard things like puerto rico, new york, even as she's going to perhaps stay with an
5:04 am
aunt in texas, but as of right now, mum is the word and that's all for her safety. because as you saw, a lot of strong emotions and a lot of people in this country and around the wormed for that matter. believe, despite what that jury found, they believe she is guilty and they want to make sure that casey anthony is safe now that she's out in the open world, guys. >> unbelievable, casey stegall live for us just outside the jail in orlando, florida. we talked to kendall coffee earlier on the show and says her mind is all about money. who is going to hire her? he says it's all focused on money. take listen. >> casey anthony is very hard it figure and i think other than making sure she's relatively safe, her entire focus is going to be on money. how she can live the life that she's been wanting to live and how to fund it. >> clayton:. >> dave: interesting questions
5:05 am
as we move forward. will anyone pay her for the big interview? it looks like the networks are afraid to do so right now because of the backlash. and lawsuits, one from zani rodriguez and others from the search company. how will she pay the bills, if she loses the civil suit. >> clayton: remember ojay selling sports per fuaraphernal and she doesn't have that-- >> even if she doesn't have the money in the beginning. like an oj situation, months and years down the road. >> clayton: she goes into hiding and changes her name and look and one thing that kendall was making the point of. she has to come back in october and be a part of the deposition in civil trial and she has to come out of hiding after changing her name and look. and he says she could potentially perjure herself because she has to take the
5:06 am
stands, we know she has a hard time switching from the fruit to many lies she's told. and obviously this hate casey anthony movement is growing. 4,000 more people have joined the facebook page since we got up 4 or 5 hours ago. >> ainsley: what's that make the total. >> dave: not dying down, creeping at 50,000, it was at 46 this morning, people are not happy with her, it's interesting to see-- if she can't hide does she really want to hide. >> ainsley: she walked out with a little more than 500 she accrued. >> dave: that people sent to her. >> clayton: we'll keep our eye on the story. >> ainsley: tragedy in the boston harbor, one man dead and another injured after a 30 foot speed boat capsizes. they suffered head and chest injuries and coast guard investigating how that happened. a fugitive murder suspect is back in custody. here he is, 24-year-old james brewer escaped from a d.c.
5:07 am
courthouse on friday by swapping i.d. bracelets with another inmate. he he was on the run for almost 24 hours before police say he turned himself in. he's charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant and now faces additional charges for eluding custody. usually it's tsa agent who do full body searches, right, of many of the airline passengers, this passenger in phoenix turn the tables on them. police say that she grabbed the breast of one of the female agents after getting into a heated confrontation about going through the scanner. 61-year-old colorado residents is facing one point of felony sexual assault. an american hero is given something special for his service. the key to a new house. marine sergeant adam lucy lost his left arm and right leg. yesterday the disabled vet and wife and son moved into this house in maryland for free.
5:08 am
>> all of these people that are out here that care about me afternoon my family i never in a million years would have known and guess that had so many people cared. >> ainsley: a beautiful house. and homes for our troops started this praj and many of the funding came from the community and the home is wheelchair accessible. isn't that nice. >> dave: and rick told us about the weather about 80 degrees orlando and obviously, humid. >> and the tropics active and about to change, the national hurricane center upped the chance of developments of this to a moderate chance and that's this kind of batch of storms to the east of florida and the hurricane hunter will investigate this. close to florida, if it does develop the models, pulling to the east and others have it
5:09 am
slowly drift across florida and watching this as something that could be a concern for folks in florida, pay tonings to this. here you go, you see that on the radar picture off the coast, the rain there and significant showers this morning across the panhandle of florida, also, and across the west, starting to see some of the moisture move back into the four corners and that will also be storms later on today across the far northern plains where it's going to bake and the highest temperatures we've seen this year and prolonged heatwave likely sticking with us until friday of this week and get ready for a very long time, we're going to be dealing with all of this heat. back to you. >> thanks so much, rick. >> let's turn our attention to texas this morning because it looks like governor rick perry is about to make an announcement. not this morning or anything, we don't know when that will come, but if you look to, look to iowa, and the governor of iowa there has come out and said that look, governor perry called his lt. governor and said this, my opportunity governor has gotten a call from rick perry and put out
5:10 am
feelers in iowa and sense is it's likely he will enter the field. >> it does look likely and rick perry now surveys the situation. the first question of course, does he have the support? it looks like he does. can he raise money? he can certainly raise it in texas and might be more difficult up here in new york, washington and chicago and the northeast, but the polls s there's an opportunities for somebody to jump in here. a generic candidate, theoretical matchup leads president obama 47 to 39 outside of the margin of error and significant there, more so, i think is the next poll. 58% of republican voters said they don't have a favorite candidate in 2012, only 13% said, yes, i do. and it's mitt romney and 9% said yes, it's michelle bockman, you've got enormous amount of people waiting to support a particular person. only 3 republican governors have said they're going to support any of these candidates. >> right. >> 29 total out there that you could get.
5:11 am
>> many people are pushing him, wanting him to join the race and during the 6 a.m. hour i mentioned that mitt romney was not a christian. he is a member of the jesus christ of latter day saint church and that does consider its members christian. i was mentioning that, there was an article, that urged governor perry to enter the race and many leaders in the christian coalition, and tony perkins, family research council, southern baptist convention officials. >> dave: richard lam is big supporter. >> ainsley: and evangelical historian, if he gets in the race, they will sport him and want him to put his hat in the ring. >> clayton: and he does not have a strong record on fund raising. and interesting to see how it shakes out. >> dave: up for grabs, yeah, do you want rick perry in. >> ainsley: i thought the most fascinating that more-- a blanket statement whoever
5:12 am
runs the g.o.p. race they're going to vote for. >> dave: you break them down by name and doesn't fare so well. >> ainsley: anything can change, we know that. >> clayton: coming up on shoet. still no deal on the debt. the one group of lawmakers working on so-called grand bargain. is this a real solution or a political ploy or another name to add into the mix. cut, cap and balance. grand piano, chris wallace weighs in on that next. >> ainsley: he just want today show pride in his country. one diner forced to take down the red, white and blue because it was a distraction. really? we are going to talk to that restaurant owner. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> request with still no debt deal on the table they're looking for a grand bargain to fix the deficit problem. is this just another political who have? >> we'll ask the man who knows. hey, chris, nice to see you on this sunday. >> hey, guys. >> clayton: you know the front page of the wall street-- i'm sorry, "the washington post" talking about the grand bargain, basically we pass the debt ceiling without any markers and a few months from now we get a grand bargain which would basically have all kinds of spending cuts. do you think that this is actually going to happen? >> well, it's a little more complicated than that and based on the last few months, you wouldn't bet on anything getting done in washington. nothing has been done so far, even with the debt ceiling looming over, but the idea is, that it's a version of the mcconditionm mcconnell plan. you give the president the
5:17 am
right to raise the debt limit now and form congressional commission, yes, another debt commission and they will be able to come up with a plan that it would get he voted on by both houses of congress without any amendments and that's important, and there would have to be a vote there would be no filibuster. again, i wouldn't bet on congress, accomplishing anything, but there are reasons politically both sides would like to put a lot behind them and to actually get a good down payment on the debt. >> i guess if i had to bet on anything, it's the plan b out of of the senate and the re reed-connell. senator jim demint, this idea that the republicans will not vote to increase the debt limit by approving the mcconnell plan is i don't think. republicans were elected last november to get control of the spending, borrowing and debt. not so worried about the
5:18 am
republicans in the senate, but the republicans in the house, would they go along with, in your opinion this plan b? >> well, that's a very good question, dave. and it's a question we're going to ask a guy who probably speaks better than anybodiles for the tea partiers, the house freshman and that's jim jordan the head of the republican study committee which represents about 3/4 of the house republican members. and you're exactly right. they're saying, look, we came here to drain the swamp. the last thing we want is to give the president the free-- essentially what they'd be giving them the clean debt ceiling limit that, you know, the clean debt ceiling vote that he wanted, where he can raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts and again, a promise of a debt commission and a vote down the line, but a lot of people are going to say, i don't want to go back to my district, where they elected me to cut spending sharply and say, well, i gave the president the right, but we are going to have the commission. >> we have mark on the show earlier who says that this is not, you know, not cutting
5:19 am
spending or going along with this mcconnell plan is not helpful. in fact, they've become co-conspirators in raising the debt ceiling. >> there's one other aspect this have and that is default. this is mcconnell's point. if you decide to go past the cliff. go over the cliff on august 2nd, and not necessarily, but go into default because you could continue with the money that we have to pay our creditors, but the markets, you know, the markets can in effect declare a default anyway they want. if they say you had all this have time, didn't do anything, didn't raise the debt limit. yes, you're going to pay off bondholders with you going to have to cut spending on everything else, 44%, they could unilaterally decide to downgrade our debt and raise our interest rate. so i think a lot of republicans like mitch mcconnell are scared of that and scared if that happens, the president will be able to portray the republicans as part of the problem and also as responsible for all the economic outcome. so that they will be
5:20 am
co-conspirators in the bad economy and it won't just be obama's economy. >> ainsley: all right. chris wallace, we'll be watching you today. >> you bet, thank you. >> dave: also have herman cain, presidential hopeful, and the program. we'll see jc, and will he back the plan? not sure where the house republicans are, i'm guessing no. >> if he's involved in the grand bargain. how about diving for golf balls. >> ainsley: what. >> clayton: pour being a cricket farmer. next the crazy careers that could net up to six figures and they need to fill these jobs. >> ainsley: you think your kids are sharing too much on facebook? it seems mom and dad might be the ones doing oversharing. your e-mails and your tweets coming up. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios!
5:21 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," with more than 14 million people out of a job this morning. it didn't hurt to think outside the box. >> an entrepreneur and author of 101 weird ways to make money. he joins us live from my hometown of denver. good to see you, steve. >> good morning. >> we mentioned the numbers, 14 million people out of work last month. look, it's not easy to get a job, but you've got to get creative, as a general message, right? >> oh, yeah, got to get indicative and develop extra sources of income and other job skills. >> yeah, that's what your book is about, 101 weird ways to make money and start with one of these here in the book and auto repossession. how do you become an auto repossessor or a repo man? >> some people start out as tow truck drivers and work into it that way and i was hired years ago as an auto repo man by a towing company and it was a lot of fun.
5:25 am
a little bit of risk. >> clayton: 15,000 dollars starting income. $120,000 as an owner after repo company. >> dave: spectacular. demolition worker you say is an interesting one. income can start at about $33,000 a year, moving forward, another one is a golf ball recoverer, when clayton morris use today work as such, but you say you have to be okay with crocodiles, tell me about this profession. >> if you work in florida you do because they have both water mack sin snakes and alligators in the golf course ponds there, so you have to be aware of those risks, but you can make up to $100,000 a year collecting golf balls and selling them wholesale. >> diving gear, four hours a day, collecting 3,000 at a time and 12 cents, and did this and sell back to you to the golfers. they don't want to boou new ones. and cricket farmer, dave was
5:26 am
interested in. >> dave: in, buddy. >> well, 20 million a year, one farm. and at the moment they're having a cricket virus hurting the cricket farmers, if those who haven't had the problems, profit margins go up. >> 8 to $12 for 250 crickets. can anyone do this? >> oh, yeah, anybody could do this. it's not a difficult thing to start. low investment in start and scale up from them. >> and yeah, buddy. foreclosure is a big issue, sought by lenders, real estate agents. you need some skills. how much would it be to cloneup. what does it mean. >> you could transition into being an owner after cleaning company. 1 to $300 for typical cleanup and higher on some and when banks want a home cared for
5:27 am
while they're trying to sell it. >> up to $300,000 a year doing foreclosure cleanup. unbelievable. >> dave: wow. >> clayton: the book is amazing, 100 weird ways to make money. i couldn't put it down. thanks, steve, appreciate you joining us this morning. pick up this book and help you find extra money out there. >> thanks, steve. >> a year from now, dave's cricket farm and dave's golf ball recovery. he's proud to be an american and refuse toss take down the flag. >> i die and i go to jail for that flag and i want to see who is going to take this flak down. >> dave: meet one businessman whose town made him take down old glory. >> clayton: and president obama calling on wealthy americans to pony up and pay more taxes, but should you have to foot the bill to fix the bill that washington created? ♪ . >> dave: and these dogs are swimming with the sharks and these hounds prove their bite is worse than their bark. you've got to see this and
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> welcome back, a fox news alert now. while you were sleeping. casey anthony was released from jail and now she's pulling a complete vanishing act. barr darryl joins us at the makeshift memorial for caylee anthony near the location
5:32 am
where her body was found. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, and of course, this is one of the areas important to casey anthony, her daughter's body found here we know she didn't visit this area and didn't visit her parent's house. a father and daughter are the first to take in the memorial and we talked to folks shortly after casey got out of jail at the georgian a cindy anthony home. tom pierre says he's happy she didn't come back to the neighborhood. >> shouldn't be in the neighborhood. a lot of people are upset. >> the home of george and cindy anthony was silent most of the night. because of accusations casey made against her parents, most people believed this was the last place they would go. the only time george came out of the home was before his daughter was released from jail. he said goodbye to a visitor and he's been inside since. >> watched the trial to beginning to end, so it's kind
5:33 am
of like, wow, you know, we're here. >> dan and paula were at jail watching casey when she was released and the married couple are the only ones to complete a stop by george and cindy's home. i was gad she was released and okay and nothing bad happened. there were people out there saying hateful things and worrisome almost. >> for those driving by the neighborhood here in front of the anthony home, it looks like there's a sheriff's deputy watching over it, but in fact, there's just a sheriff's deputy patrol car with nobody inside it. soon the patrol car will be goon and this resident says he's ready for a change. >> there's too much interest of and people would just like stop and want to ask questions. it was, it was annoying sometimes, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: casey anthony's attorney telling us of course she has no intention on telling her parents where she's going. now, back to you in new york. >> interesting. >> clayton: if you believe
5:34 am
that, that she's not going to tell her parents, who knows? all right. let's talk about the debt ceiling because president obama in his saturday radio address had an interesting take who should foot some of the bill and how we should get out of this. take a listen. t the truth is you can't cut our deficit without cutting spending and you can't do it without asking the wealthiest for paying their fair share and give tax breaks that middle americans don't get. >> the top wage earners in america pay 38% of income taxes. the we pay 38% we don't want to pay more. >> the top five pay 58.7, and top 86 prers and the bottom, zero. >> and you guys had a depate
5:35 am
earlier on the 6 a.m. hour and warren buffett and one of the panelists says it's wrong hums pay-- and warren buffett saying there are tax loopholes and things that are not incurred on wealthy americans. >> dave: the kind of rhetoric we hear thrown out. if i'm seeing specifics and yes, the hedge fund, now it would help if i could see that, but there are senators, there are republicans in both the house and senate that want tax reform. jim demint has been asking for tax reform since he came to the town so he agrees we need to change the system. we need to close some of the loopholes, there is some agreement there, if we can somehow find it, but the top 1%, i think, is paying their share. >> ainsley: the problem is you raise taxes on big corporations, do you think they're going to foot the bill? they're going to pass it on to the customer, all americans are going to be paying for it anyway. >> clayton: let's go back to 2006. the debt debate ceiling back
5:36 am
in 2006 was a little different. >> dave: take a look at this. >> drudge posted on the website 2006 president obama was then a senator there. 48 democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling under george w. bush. every republican voted to >> now it's completely opposite, and flip flappeded. >> the president called it in 2006. then senator, a failure of relationship that effort that raise the debt ceiling, is it still a failure of leadership? that would be nice if that question were posed to him. that's the difficulty right now. not a whole lot of specifics and leadership on the issue. >> that's what speaker boehner says. >> ainsley: now for the rest of your headlines, police expanding their investigation into the so-called brooklyn butcher, accused of kidnapping the eight-year-old and dismembering his body. right now the investigators are exploring the possibility that aaron had other victims
5:37 am
especially in arkansas and in tennessee where aron lived before moving back to brooklyn in 2009. one man killed in a bizarre accident involving the canadian version of the tv game show cash cab. it happened in downtown vancouver and filming reportedly just ending for the night and the 61-year-old producer driving the cab and offering condolences to the victim's family and cooperating with police. british police say they've arrest add temp person in connection with the the news of the world hacking scandal. 43-year-old woman was taken into police custody. was not confirming a sky news report that she's the former editor rebecca brooks. meanwhile, actor jude law is suing, claiming his phone was hacked at jfk airport, if that's true, that opens up the case to potential prosecution in the united states. and newscorp ceo rupert murdoch is taking pout a second ad in british papers, promising to help police in their investigation.
5:38 am
news international is owned by newscorp, which is a parent company of fox news. call it paws versus jaws. you're looking at two dogs rounding up a group of sharks swimming by the shore and something more wild happens in the story, we're going to let the guy handling the camera explain. >> look, here they come. and given him a bite. the dog is biting the shark! >> that is unbelievable. i'm seen it all now. >> the dog bit the shark. >> ainsley: the daring dog biting the shark and then doggy paddles back to shore unharmed. >> dave: the narration brings it home. >> usually see australian shepherds rounding up sheep, and this is shark. >> dave:. >> i wonder if the dog is going to nurse an unhealthy
5:39 am
shark. and we've got the throngs of people out here for you, dave, none of them wants to smarry you, and brandy will be happy with that. take a look at the weather maps, and big weather story across the country, across much of the country. in fact, probably about 40 states are going be to be dealing with temperatures this week, that are well above average and we'll see all kinds of records blown out of the water this week. anywhere you see that dark maroon, excessive heat warnings and take a look what the heat indices are like today. it's going to feel extremely hot when you factor in the humidity, feel like 106 in wichita. 104 in little rock and even worse as you go farther toward the north. don't think of the northeplains dealing with the brunt of it 110 in omagh, 109 in pierre south dakota, minneapolis 103. it's not going away soon.
5:40 am
wednesday, thursday before the heat goes apeople need to take the precautions. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> clayton: earlier this morning we talked about oversharing on facebook. you'd think it's teens, but according to the study, turns out adults are the ones who don't have much filter when it comes to oversharing and facebook, putting up photos or comments about the families going on. >> ainsley: trips they're taking. >> dave: not only sharing more than the teenagers, but less concerned about privacy controls perhaps because they don't actually know as much about the privacy controls, no offense, folks. >> i don't either. >> dave: parents no nothing about privacy controls, but erma on facebook are one of the parents that overshares, look, what does it say about us, too much facebook, not enough face time. part of the problem she says with her own generation. >> clayton: i got over 40 comments on my facebook page alone about this, people are
5:41 am
oversharing, but we've got some twitters, tweets. horse fly 1013 wrote on twitter i agree a lot of my friends on facebook are over 60 and do not realize they're oversharing and can prevent it. >> ainsley: right. this tweet from sherry wb. i think that parents are naive about what happens when they post and they have no clue how to set the privacy settings. this is what we were talking about. noi that my mom set up her facebook account and doesn't know how to do the privacy settings. >> dave: i think some adults need a feeling of superiority they try to fulfill on facebook. seems on the study they're more concerned about their post being liked than these teenagers, which is baffling to me. >> clayton: ken wrote us-- wrote me on my facebook wall, said i unfriended my mom. >> dave: oversharing? >> dramatic and nosey. sometimes i forget that my mom is on facebook, very prolific. oh, you went and did this, did you. oh, i forgot. >> ainsley: some moms need to
5:42 am
be on facebook and see what their kids are doing there. >> clayton: and send your comments. >> dave: and president obama warning some may not get social security checks if we don't raise the debt ceiling. and is he making empty threats? congressman dennis kucinich is next. >> ainsley: he wanted to show pride in the country. one diner force today take down red, white and blue, because it was a distraction. really? we'll have that coming up. ♪
5:43 am
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better than ever in multiple-cat homes. so it's easier to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." president obama warning they may not get their social security checks if lawmakers don't reach a debt deal.
5:46 am
>> i cannot guarantee they can go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. there may not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> you see a lot of conflicting reports, because the board of trustees says the program has a 2.6 trillion dollar trust fund ready to go. why is president obama playing with the livelihoods or is he. joining us dennis kucinich. is the president playing politics with the social security? where do you stand. >> no one wants to go into default and social security is an entirely separate issue. as you reported the trust fund has a surplus and it's solid through 2037 without any changes whatsoever. it's not wise to conflate the social security trust fund with the u.s. deficit right now because it could actually end up causing seniors not to spend money, which would further slow down the economy. >> clayton: so, let me be
5:47 am
clear. solvent through 2037. that means that the debt-- let's say that the debt ceiling doesn't get raised and we have some sort of default and major backlash. social security is fine? >> money is in the trust fund. you read the trust fund report. they have social security trustees we have to certify that the money is there. and we can't use social security as a bargaining chip in a-- in a potential default. it's not fair to the american people. now, does that mean that we don't have economic problems we shouldn't be solving? of course not. we have to get america back to work and we have to prime the pump of the economy and increase our gross domestic product and cut our trade deficit. we have to have a change in monetary policy where we quit borrowing money and sending us further into debt. constitution, article one, section 8 and gives them the power to create money. investigate in jobs and green administration and civilian conservation, you get america back to work and our economic problems will be on the way to
5:48 am
resolution. >> even harry reid disagrees with you, the senate majority leader. we had it up on the screen. asked president obama is he bluffing? it sounds like they're basically lying. the senator majority leader says that payments for veterans benefits and as well as social security will cease on august 7th in we don't get the debt ceiling raised. are they flatley lying to the american people. >> i don't get into the business of calling people liar. >> clayton: we have a lot of of seniors watching the show wanting to know if they'll get the paychecks and social security checks, is it their government lying to them? >> well, you know, the administration has to pay those checks at the beginning of august, they cannot tell the american people money is not there in the trust fund when you have the social security trustees certifying that social security has the money to pay 100% of benefits through 2037 without any changes and we should not be
5:49 am
getting into a debate about social security in the center of a question of whether we go into default or not. we should not go into default. we have to address some of our economic issues that go with wars that we didn't need to get into, that have to do with tax cuts that we couldn't afford. we have to build our economy again. there's not enough talk right now about building our economy. putting america back to work. >> clayton: congressman. >> that's what we should talk about. >> clayton: i would encourage americans to go check out your piece on defense and other spending and get things back on track. congressman dennis kucinich always great to see you on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> clayton: he worked at ground zero and forced to retire because of a disability. when he was later deemed fit for duty his union pbosses stay home and take the pay. really? and this man was forced to take down the red, white and
5:50 am
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>> a restaurant owner in middle township new jersey, forced to take down his american flags from his diners parking lot because the township claimed the flags were distraction to passing drivers. >> therefore, he was violating a local ordinance they say, joining us from philadelphia is the owner of four seasons diner, george patakis. thank you for join us, sir. tell us why the american flag is so important to you and what does it symbolize? >> the township doesn't want me to have the american flags because they say they don't want them.
5:54 am
don't want-- it's advertisement they say and first i had the ban eners white, red and blue and they told me they're the not good. they're not good enough. they're not american flags. what i did, i took them down, and then i bought american flags, i put them up and the code enforcement guy came, he said they have to come down, the american flags have to come down. and they did not explain to me why they don't want me to have the american flags there for the 4th of july. i was prepared to have just for the holidays, the 4th of july. >> ainsley: george, how did you feel about this when they told you to take down the american flag? >> i feel humiliate. i'm american citizen and that's the flag i have and carry out when i go to europe, i'm not afraid and i'm not ashamed to say i am american citizen. i wanted the american flag there, this way honor the
5:55 am
people they die in the wars and we honor america. i am here and i work and i eat and i breathe and i'm going to die here. that's why i want to have. >> dave: needless to say you're proud of this country and proud of the opportunities that the united states afords you. here is what the middle township is telling us, mark mallen said, quote, there is an ordinance saying you can't fly string banners or penants going from the ground up to your building. these types of penants create a distraction to drivers, that's why they're not permitted they say it will be a thousand dollars fine, what are you going to do, sir? >> on my next greek state trooper, i don't violate the laws, that's why i took the flag down. i always comply with the law because you cannot say i am good citizen if you break the
5:56 am
laws. but if you have something -- if you have the right to honor the country and to honor the veterans, you have to stand up and fight. like a -- i met everyone who lives-- every american who lives in any part of the world to stand up for this issue, because i want, and we want everybody to honor our veterans. that's the way i feel about it as an american citizen. >> ainsley: thank you, george, we wish you the best in this situation. >> thank you. >> ainsley: thank you for being with us. >> dave: tell us how you feel about this story at ff weekend on twitter. coming up, just past the stroke of midnight, casey anthony walked out of jail a free woman and disappeared from sight. we're live in orlando with the very latest on her release. >> ainsley: then, we are talking with a very important congressman, there he is. is the republican plan to fix the debt dilemma all for show? why he says the cut, cap and
5:57 am
balance plan is the real deal. coming up. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good.
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6:00 am
>> heather: good morning to you, it is july 17th, i'm ainsley earhart, filling in for alisyn, a "fox news alert," after three years, casey anthony, she's a fry woman an america's most know tor mom walked out of jail and disappeared from sight. what could be next for her? we have a live report. >> dave: there is still no deal on the debt ceiling but, republicans say they have got a plan, but is it the real deal or political theater? we'll discuss. >> chris: forced to retire on disability after working at ground zero and when he was deemed fit for duty his union bosses told him to stay home and take the pay. seriously? >> clayton: "fox & friends," >> clayton: "fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc.
6:01 am
>> clayton: if you were waking up now, and wonder -- curious what is going on with the casey anthony case, that is her, just after midnight, a free woman, walking out the orange county jail in orlando, a few minutes after midnight and rushed to an undisclosed location in the suv. case is steegel live outside the jail with more. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning, i have to say we are all surprised. we were going cynical yesterday, i say we as in members of the press, we were saying there is no way they'll lock her out of the front door and no way it would happen midnight or shortly thereafter, and as we now now, we were wrong and officials at the orange county jail doing the opposite. it was 11 after 12:00, when the front door opened, and, casey anthony was paraded out of jail with her primary defense
6:02 am
attorney, jose baez by her side, a heavy police presence and members of the public could, in fact, see her, they didn't try to take her out the back and did not try to confuse us, about 300 protesters, you can see, from the video, gathering outside, holding hand-made signs and shouting things like baby killer and one point the crowd rushing the temporary barricade but there were no reports of violence or arrest. just plenty of opinions. listen: >> the protest that this killer is getting out, she has a jury trial that was a bunch of jokes and a six-year-old would have made more conscious decision than what they actually did. >> respect the judicial system and due process and let her and her family live their lives. >> reporter: the 25-year-old was then put into a motorcade, two suvs with a white follow-car. and it went to a nearby parking
6:03 am
garage. in downtown orlando and incidentally, the office of her other primary defense attorney, cheney mason. but the suv she was in, never reemerged from the parking lot. and, the defense team successfully giving us the slip, obviously, the news helicopters were overhead, trying to track where she was headed. but, they did a bait-and-switch there and we don't know where casey anthony went to, from there. we can tell you, that there was police activity and also, some protestor activity at a nearby private airport, the orlando executive airport, where a private plane was on the runway, it was fueled up and it was running, but no one ever saw casey anthony board that aircraft. officials later telling us that that plane was intended to carry people who were golfing down here in florida, back to ohio. so where casey anthony is, where
6:04 am
she ended up, that is still unclear. sort of vanishing into the night, if you will, guys. >> clayton: thanks, live outside the orlando/orange county jail, casey anthony free after midnight, three years after her daughter was first reported missing. >> dave: fascinating. a perfect situation for jose by yes w -- baez, and no one thought they'd get away, but they did it. now, where does she go and how does she pay for this life? it costs a lot of money to hide like this and does she want to hide? it doesn't seem like a person, judging by her character, throughout the whole ordeal, that wants to stay hidden. she was at bars every night while her child was missing. will she stay invisible. >> and you bring up a good point, how can we not follow her? we have helicopters in the air, but she pulled into the parking garage. and you don't know if she got into another car or where she
6:05 am
went. >> clayton: that is remarkable, even in los angeles you had high speed pursuits on a regular basis and you cannot get away. it is remarkable that she did and no one knows where she is, kendall coffey, was on the show earlier and talked about what her motive has to be and for hiv to live and survive it has to be about money. take a listen. >> casey anthony is very hard to figure and i think other than making sure she is relatively safe, her entire focus is going to be on money. how she can live the life she has been wanting to live and how to fun it. >> clayton: talking book deals, perhaps, and, who will pony up money for book degrees als and and if she changes her name and has to take the stand in a civil trial and stand onthe stand under oath she'll have to come out of hiding and use her real name and make an appearance. >> dave: and testify. >> clayton: and testify. >> dave: you cannot refuse
6:06 am
testimony in that trial, says kendall coffey and, could she pu perjure herself? and, where does she go from here? and how will she face these lawsuits? again the civil suit from the nanny, and, the suit from the search company out of texas. a lot of questions. >> remember mary winkler in 2007, the lady convicted of killing her preacher husband? her attorney had interesting comments and he said she needs to move and change her name like you said and be careful who her friends are now because people will latch onto her because of her infamy, and, there are -- >> clayton: and people are sending her money, checks. >> look at susan smith from south carolina. >> dave: $5,000, that is long gone, that is just to get gas money out of tuof town. >> one man dead, another injured after a 30 foot speedboat breaks
6:07 am
apart and capsizes. police say the two were thrown into the water and suffered head and chest injuries. and the coast guard now investigating how the accident happened. a fugitive murder suspect back in police custody. this guy, the 24-year-old, james brewer, escaped from a washington, d.c. courthouse on friday, and, by swapping i.d.s with another inmate, on the run almost 24 hours before police say he turned himself in and he's charged with the murder of a 71-year-old retired army sergeant and faces additional charges, now for eluding custody. frustrated when you arrived to your destination and your bags don't? new york senator chuck schumer wants to introduce a bill to force airlines to reimburse passengers if your luggage is late. under a new rule, starting next month, they would only have to reimburse customers if their luggage is lost forever. but he wants them to pay even if the bags are lost for a day or a few hours. and, summertime, and, the living
6:08 am
is easy. for a former imf head, dominique strauss-khan. he was spotted taking in classical music in massachusetts, just weeks after being released from house arrest. and reports also say that he entertained three women on the same weekend that he allegedly assaulted the hotel maid. the sex assault charges are expected to be dropped soon. and those are your headlines. >> clayton: let's check in with rick reichmuth, in the studio. because it is starting to get hot outside. >> rick: i'm go back outside. >> clayton: he's tired of sweating. >> rick: to beat the summer heath... how does that look. lake powell in utah. a beautiful spot and dave sent the picture and, send me pictures, about how you are beating the summer heat, on twitter or put them on my facebook page, very, very nice looking there. and tell you what, we have troubles brewing across parts of the tropics, in fact it upped the chance of development of that blob of storms that you see there, around the bahamas, to a moderate risk over the next 48 hours, could be seeing development of this, if we do,
6:09 am
what the models think the storm will do, it gives you an idea. the models are all over the place and some of them across parts of florida and some pulling up across parts of the carolina coast and some out to sea. no good idea exactly what will happen with it, but because it is close to land, any development could be quick and we need to watch it closely. and summer has been rough across parts of the plains, today your temperatures, in the 100 range, across the central plain and everybody here, temps above average and to get an idea how above-average it has been, since june 1st, 46 days since then, every day in lubbock, texas you have been above your average and i talked to folks from dallas, and they say it is the worst summer they can remember in a long time. unfortunately, it will continue for today, tomorrow, and much of the week, but today's high, shaping up like that, 100 in rapid city and dave you, you know about that and, up to 100 in minneapolis. all kinds of records will be broken. >> dave: you need ice cream,
6:10 am
national ice cream day! that is how you beat the heat. send in your favorite ice cream pictures. >> clayton: before it melted. and listen to this. we talk about bureaucracy and this is why we are broke. the story in the "new york post" this morning, a new york city firefighter, a first responder 9/11 and, get his name correct... john... 43 years old and he was a first responder and, then, 2003, new york city fire department doctors basically forced him to retire because he was suffering from asthma conditions, as a result of 9/11. >> as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and lung disease. >> clayton: and he retired and you see him with this boxing gloves on, because he is okay. >> dave: he's now a mixed martial arts fighter and here's the problem, he's collecting a big pension, $74,000 per year. but, he is able to do mixed martial arts and critics would say, wait, how come he can't go back to work? but he's able to do mixed martial arts? well, it was the fdny doctors
6:11 am
who told him you must step away and you cannot do the work and it wasn't his decision. nonetheless, if you are able to do one, aren't you able to do the other. >> and the doctor said you need an active life, to get healthy life and he said i'll pick up the sport and he's come piloting in t -- competing in the sport now and this is a fire union official. >> clayton: the union boss, stay home, take the paycheck and he gets the pension, $74,000 a year and never wanted to leave the job, being a firefight in new york city and the union said he had to and, this is one of those things, a common-sense approach and we talk about it all the time. can't you look at things on a case by case basis and make a common-sense deal? it is bureaucracies at its best, they have a blanket policy he cannot be a first responder but can jump into a ring in mixed martial arts? >> dave: the people involved in this? or is it the system? we need to hear from you folks. this is a delicate situation and we want to hear whether think the system is broken or whether
6:12 am
this guy is responsible and whether he ought to turn down this $74,000. >> should he still get the pension? it says in the article, no firefighter in memory has been medically approved to return to work after retiring on disability. that has never happened, and they never said, you are getting disability and then reversed the decision. >> clayton: let us know, coming up is the republican plan to fix the debt dilemma for show? a congressman says the cut, cap and balance plan is not a ploy, it is the real deal. he's up next. >> you love the story... >> dave: yes, i do, the bite is worse than the bark! >> that is unbelievable! got to be... >> dave: these pups show a bunch of sharks who is top dog. >> good boy, good boy! [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
6:13 am
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6:16 am
>> dave: welcome back, everybody, republicans ignoring president obama's saturday deadline to present him a debt deal plan. instead, they are focusing on their own plan. >> we're going to bring a bill forward next week, otherwise known that's cut, cap and balance bill, to provide a balanced approach so that we can demonstrate that we are getting things under control, and that the people who put us here can gain confidence. >> dave: will the bill force a debt ceiling compromise before the august 2nd deadline? let's ask utah congressman jason chaffetz. thanks for joining us. it says about the balanced
6:17 am
budget amendment, would deprive policymakers, of the flexibility they need to address economic emergencies. what do you say about that, in terms of characterizing the balanced budget amendment. >> absolutely not. we are suggesting we need to pass it to the states. let the states be involved in this. the senators are supposed to represent the states, and, why not pass the balanced budget amendment, can we raise taxes? yes. but only with 2/3, 2/3, a high threshold and if there is a national emergency, something needs to happen, it can happen, but at a hiegher threshold and congress demonstrated it has no ability or desire to balance the books and america and the markets know we need to balance the books and we are not close to doing that and think it is a fair approach. >> dave: and others feel the most likely outcome of the plan, emerging out of the senate, mitch mcconnell, harry reid, would involve a trillion dollars in budget cuts.
6:18 am
if -- let's say when the senate votes against this cut cap and balance, will you support a plan b under any circumstances? >> i don't know, because we haven't seen it but i am optimistic, cut, cap and balance is actually a reasonable way to go and i think it will pass the house, it is the only plan that is actually on the table. you know, i hear a lot of rhetoric from the president and the democrats, they pooh-pooh it and the president was against it. i had the only copy of it in my hands and there is no way -- this president hadn't seen it and he was opposed to it. and i -- until they get it and look at it i'd love there foam to voted on it. what is unreasonable, cutting $111 billion the first year and capping overall expenditures, as a percentage of our gross domestic product, and, sending -- all we do is send to the states a balanced budget amendment and allow them to voted on it at the state level. >> dave: you know as well as i do, obamacare is dead if we link the 18% cap, there is no way that could survive and that is probably why the president canned it, can't get anywhere
6:19 am
near it and as for the tax hikes, are you open to any situation that would increase revenues? >> look, what i want to do is broaden the base and lower the rates, getting rid of the lot of the loopholes and now, in this country, we need more taxpayers, not more taxes. and, that is... we want to get people in the economy moving again and wants to get jobs going again, and, unless we demonstrate to the markets that we have consistency and we'll balance our books, it will be difficult to get there. >> dave: all right, and congressman, the grand bargain we are still hearing about, it's on the cover of the "washington post," many behind-the-scenes still are pushing for an enormous deal, that would involve as much as $5 trillion in cuts, is it still something you are working on and is there a possibility at an enormous deal towards the end of the year? >> i would love to look at whatever plan they think they can come up with that has a variety of cuts to it. we have to curb back spending but the reality is, august 2nd is coming, nobody else has a plan, cut, cap and balance is
6:20 am
coming up, and we need everybody to call out and call their congressmen and senators and say, get behind this. because, that august 2nd is a very real date, we have to deal with that. and, this plan will actually come up for a vote on tuesday. >> dave: all right, finally, we know you are a, quote, definite maybe to run for the senate against orrin hatch in utah. what could prevent you from a run? we know the senator raised a lot of money. what could keep you out of the senate race. >> i don't care how much money he raises, if i run it is about who can do more with less and there needs to be a clean, fresh approach, how we vote in this country and we appreciate that the -- dedication and 36 years he has had in the senate and a lot of people in utah are ready for a change, a different direction, a different perspective and, we'll wait until football season and hopefully we can kick things off. >> dave: we hope to get a football season, too! thanks for joining us. governor rick perry asked people
6:21 am
to pray with him and you now he's facing a lawsuit, does the constitution protect his freedom of religion, we'll talk with father jonathan morris when we talk about. when we come back. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos.
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6:25 am
your thoughts? and what is wrong with a poli politician wanting to pray. >> it is important to respect the constitution. what does it tell us about religion in relationship with the state? number one, congress should pass no law prohibiting the from exercise of religion. and number 2, the government should not establish one religion over another. but, there's a long tradition that goes all the way up to today with president obama, declaring a national day of prayer or going back to the thanksgiving proclamation, right? 1863, abraham lincoln, put the seal of the united states of america, saying this shall take
6:26 am
place, every, single year at the same time, giving thanks to god. i think there is a wonderful tradition and we have to be careful not to establish one religion over another but praying, we need it. >> clayton: i don't get the outrage, atheists teamed up with the freedom from religion foundation to sue the government over this. >> they love press. but it that way. they love press and what they would like to see -- not all atheists, of course but the militant atheist groups i would say, what they want is a society where there is no expression, public precious of religion. that is what they would prefer. if you want to do religion, do it in your home. >> clayton: there are no tax dollars associated with this and the people don't have to fund it and, therefore... >> and it is a private event and he says any one of any faith is welcome. >> look at what the constitution itself, towards the end of the constitution, listen to these words, to see the traditions of the u.s. we, therefore the representatives of the united states of america, in general
6:27 am
congress assembled, appealing to supreme judge of the world, for the restitute of our intentions and goes on to say with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. this is the tradition of the united states of america and respecting people to believe however they wish, but, absolutely, recognizing the fact, as this governor, governor perry said, hey, there are certain things we cannot control on our own it is good to get down on our knees and ask god for help. >> clayton: good note to end on, thanks for driving 12 hours to be here. >> ohio isn't that far. >> clayton: 8 hours. >> glad you made the trip. good perspective. >> clayton: coming up the story gripped the nation for three years and now, casey anthony is back in the real world. what is next? where is she? defense lawyer arthuridela says she needs to get out of town.
6:28 am
>> dave: these guys prove who is top dog. >> look, here they come... he hit him -- he started biting the shark. that is unbelievable! >> clayton: attacking sharks, what is this world coming to? >> it ended well for the dogs, not to worry. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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>> dave: welcome back to fox and friends, everybody! dave briggs, clayton morris ainsley earhart and the dogs biting the sharks. he's giving him a bite! >> clayton: dogs biting sharks. >> i enough the attitude of the dogs, i would be going crazy if my dogs were out there with sharks. >> clayton: how many views on youtube? >> dave: i don't know. >> clayton: 27 million already! >> we have serious headlines to tell you about, this morning, first. relatives of a missing denver woman want detectives to search for a man on craigslist. who they think might be linked to her dpierngs, amy ahonen, who went missing july 8th and her jeep was found abandoned. a man contacted her after she posted an ad on craigslist for a roommate. she reportedly took that ad down, after the man scared her.
6:33 am
quit or be fired. nearly 200 teachers implicated in a cheating scandal in atlanta. have until this wednesday, to either resign or be terminated by the school superintendent. the ultimatum comes weeks after it was revealed that teachers were correcting wrong answers on their students' standardized testing, in order to make their own teaching skills look better. and new video out of indonesia, where a volcano erupted, again, spewing hot, a high into the air as you can see. this the volcano, which claimed one life last week and a government official says it is the most powerful explosion yet, blowing smoke almost 12,000 feet high. and, last time it erupted, was in 1991. cheers and tears as the 8 sailors from the uss george washington returned home to
6:34 am
detroit, they had been at sea over a year stationed in japan. >> not a lot of people have the courage and the bravery these men and women are serving. and are leaving their families and some of them pay the ultimate price. >> i'm happy to be home. it is nice! >> these sailors are not just home on a break, they are taking part in michigan navy week which starts tomorrow. you are looking at video of these two dogs, dave loves this, what we talked about earlier, rounding up a group of sharks swimming by the shore and something wilder happened. look, we'll let the guy behind the camera explain. >> look, here they come. he's biting him. the dog is biting the sharks! that is unbelievable. i've seen it all now. >> clayton: what dog owners will let their dogs hang out with the sharks. >> he's like, my dogs are tough. the daring dogs bite the shark
6:35 am
and, doggy paddles back to the beach. >> dave: get me a t-shirt, that says the dog is biting the shark with the accent. >> clayton: like a christmas tie that lights up! rick reichmuth hays a look at te forecast. >> dave: look, he's biting the shark... >> rick: stop the australian accent. >> he sounds like a pirate! . >> rick: it will be hot across the plains, it will be that way all week long and will spread towards the east, we are up to 17 states with a heat advisory in effect. and that is going to spread, everywhere to the east and will have it by the time we get to the end of the week. unfortunately, a lot of heat and the problem is the humidity, it is hot and humid and factor that in and the heat in ddices will
6:36 am
like, 100 in wichita, 104° in little rock and, enjoy it today, it will change, on the east. and farther north is where the heat will be, will feel like 110° in omaha and 103 in minneapolis and fargo, 101°. you had your cold winter and now your really hot summer and move forward, we talked about the tropics, very possibly, they've upped it to a moderate risk, medium chance of development of the blob to the eastern side of florida and they'll send hurricane hunter aircraft into investigate this system, to see if there is any circulation that could be indicative of tropical development and we are seeing rain, and you throw on the radar on top of this you can see the rain showers, and, it certainly looks like there is rotation with the little area of low pressure and potentially bringing rain to florida. we'll watch that, out across the west, it is the monsoonal activity, monsoonal flow is returning as we have established. >> clayton: fortune it's not happening in frankfurt, germany. because, later today, just a few short hours, from now, the
6:37 am
women's u.s. soccer team will make on japan for the world cup. >> dave: u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> u.s.a.! >> clayton: it could be a repeat of 1999. can you believe it has been that long since we won. >> dave: it captivated the attention of the country. soccer fans, nonsports fans and everyone is rooting for our country. and, an interesting development. coming out of all of this. men are really supporting the team, in particular. in fact there are more men viewers of the team than there are women. but, the men that want to buy these women's jerseys, and support their team are having problems. they made this year's jerseys, very fitted, to tailor to the women's bodies and the guys have nothing to wear. >> clayton: they are petite. >> dave: and... >> clayton: i found a way, i'll a big fan of hope solo. >> dave: alexi lawless, he pulled it off, he's trim and usually it doesn't work. >> clayton: i'm i fan of the
6:38 am
goalie. quite beautiful, and, so i went out and bought a hope solo jersey as you can see and it doesn't fit too well. >> dave: i don't know. >> clayton: it doesn't work well. i have a lady like figure! >> dave: guys are saying we tried xxl and they still don't fit because they never made a man's jersey. >> the problem is, women can buy the men's jerseys, and the men can't buy for the women's team. and we need to find someone out there... >> dave: an oversight by nike. you like mine. >> clayton: dave, there, who are you dressed up as? >> dave: i like the short sleeves. the guns! >> clayton: i want to figure out, understand, is, who is -- whose guns are those? >> dave: not sure. >> clayton: that is your head. >> flex for me. >> dave: wambach's, but these are okay! >> let me see yours. >> clayton: that is flexed.
6:39 am
>> dave: that is not is my. anyway, guys, are you having the issue? do you need a jersey? you go buy a men's u.s. soccer jersey, and you have a customized with -- it customized with the women's name on the back and that is what the husband of the female players are doing. >> that is expensive. >> dave: that is what this man from the new york area did. >> i went to a rangers game and on the back of my jersey, they were like, $100. >> dave: 2:45, go u.s.a.! >> clayton: for the first time in three years, casey anthony walks out of jail a free woman, she's america's most notorious mom. where can she go? a defense attorney, there he is, he has his pocket square and is ready to go. ideas, next. >> mitch mcconnell says, raise the debt ceiling but ann coulter says republicans could be making a big mistake.
6:40 am
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>> clayton: welcome back to fox and friends, quick headlines, harry potter is the magician in the big screen and the final installation of the movie series raked in $92.1 million, on its opening day, that is a new all-time record, breaking the one set by the twilight saga, new moon, by $20 million, and it seems helen cannot escape the mistress of tiger woods and, tmz reports she's dating a business man, who once dated rachel uchitel. and, woods and nordegren divorced in 2010. >> dave: he's a billionaire. >> clayton: she married up. >> dave: casey anthony, rushed to an undisclosed location, after being released from jail, in the middle of the night.
6:44 am
and now she is a free woman. what lies ahead for the notorious mother? joining us is fox news legal analyst and defense attorney arthur idala, jose baez does it again, gets the acquittal on the murder charges and now, somehow ditches the media. >> amazing, because he got destroyed. i mean, for, what, two months, and he was -- even before that, and everyone said he was inept, incompetent and basically gets the full acquittal and, then has every network, every media outlet in america trying to figure out where she goes and she's gone. he's a little houdini. >> clayton: we saw her get in the suv and went to a parking garage and there was the plane, sort of set up, maybe -- >> that was brilliant. brilliant. and you see the guys with the golf bags... >> dave: where did the money come from. >> according to geraldo...
6:45 am
>> she's in the golf balls. >> she's not that small, she got $500 in donation, $500 from the jail, money she made working there. and so i don't know, who is bank rolling this but you have to think baez and the defense team are so invested and if they each wrote out a check for 3 or 4 grand to make it happen, they'll make it happen. >> dave: you have high profile clients. >> correct. >> dave: is that something the defense attorneys do? front their clients a little money? >> i'll tell you the only client i did that with was a young woman whose dad was continually raping her and he was about to rape her niece and she took action and, murdered him. and, she was acquitted, and, that i did help her out, she has nobody, nothing. everyone abandoned her, totally different situation. and here, i mean, everyone is happy to let this girl go and here it is controversial and ainsley, baez's reputation is so tied in with the woman he wants
6:46 am
to be sure everything is done to end the book. the last chapter. hopefully of the book. >> but apparently her parents, wire being told it looks like they've abandoned her as well, because, she... >> are you surprised? >> her attorneys claim that she is molested by her father and brother and where does she go and who does she turn to. >> that is interesting. we discussed it before we came on the set. because she doesn't have any deep resources, financially, she'll go one of two routes, she'll either go totally anonymous and shave her head and put on a blond wig or she'll be everywhe everywhere. >> dave: dave predicts she'll be everywhere, however, if he goes into hiding she'll have to come out for the civil suit, he sunny come in with a disguise with a fake mustache. >> it is very, very, very rare. when you talk about her coming in under a disguise, in the
6:47 am
criminal work i do, in the witness protection program they do come in, in a disguise and you can get the judge to seal the courtroom and somebody sneaks in and sneaks out and the undercover police officers testify all the time with a sealed courtroom but they would have to show, 15, 20 legitimate threats, by a law enforcement agency who analyzed the threat, saying we don't know if she comes into the courthouse if we can protect her life. believe me, nobody wants casey anthony getting killed on the courthouse steps. nobody. so they'll make sure nothing like that is even remotely possible. >> dave: i home it is the last chapter in the story. arthur aidela, thanks for joining us. >> clayton: and on judge jeannine tonight. and, senator mitch mcconnell says let the president raise the debt ceiling, all on his own and he says it's a backup plan and ann coulter says republicans could be making a big mistake. hey can i play with the toys ?
6:48 am
sure, but let get a little information first. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do.
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>> dave: republican senator mitch mcconnell working with senate leader harry reid, to make sure his plan b, as they are calling it, will pass the senate in case lawmakers fail to reach a debt deal in time to acoy default. his plan gives the president authority to raise the debt ceiling without prior congressional approval. >> with dlthreatens seniors and rattle the economy, but will not implicate republicans in these efforts. >> is he serious or bluffing? the author of "demonic" is here, "how the liberal mob is endangering america."
6:52 am
an coun ann coulter, joining us live. great to see you. mcconnell is a republican and he says i'm giving they'll power to the president. >> it a fantastic idea and republicans always get stuck being blamed for everything and if the debt ceiling isn't raised they get blamed and if they propose cutting one of the many programs, the entitlement programs, bankrupting the country, they get blamed and get voted out of office. and, it is particularly strange, now, i mean, can't the president come up with his budget? can't the democrats come up with their budget? they have controlled the senate and control the white house and we have 1/2 of one branch of government and everything comes back to the republicans, so i think it is a great idea, what mcconnell has done and it is cleverly, as obama himself said, called his bluff. >> dave: as you imagine, not everyone agrees with that sentiment, here's what senator jim demint said about the quote,
6:53 am
the idea republicans will not vote to increase the debt limit, by approving the mcconnell plan is wrong, republicans were elected last november to get control of the spending, borrowing and debt, the last thing we should do is make it easier to spend and borrow money. is that ultimately what the plan b would do? >> from what i heard a week ago, diment was in favor of raising the debt limit. and, actually, yes, a lot of republicans... a lot of republicans were voted in, but, not enough to control the united states senate, so, whatever the republicans do in the house, if they cut spending, if they put through the ryan plan, and, it. >> chris: -- >> it is, by the way, servicing the nation debt and medicare and medicaid and social security and eats up nearly half the federal budget now and within ten years according to tim geithner, that will take 92 cents, of every federal budget dollar, with
6:54 am
servicing the debt and, many tea partiers and many americans think we can cut out spending on npr and arts funding and foreign aid and that will take care of the debt problem and that is less than 1% of the budget, you have to cut the programs americans don't touched and the democrats keep swearing, oh, we'll never touch medicare and social security, well then we'll have debts and, deficits as far that's eye can see. >> michelle bachmann said she doesn't think we have to raise the debt ceiling. what are your thoughts. >> i'm very interested in the, because it doesn't make any sense. we have enough revenue coming in from the taxes, month-to-month, week-to-week, to service the national debt and pay social security, and medicare and medicaid. so i don't understand why our rating would go down unless the ratings agencies are trying to suck up to the democrats, on the other hand, i have seen some economists say, yes, it will lower our debt rating and will make -- it doesn't make any sense, because it is the equivalent of, you payer
6:55 am
mortgage month-to-month and make those piloavements and you stop buying flat-screen tvs, why would your credit to your be nervous about that... >> dave: you are talking about likening flat-screen tvs, to food inspection and that would send an alarming signal to the world economy, wouldn't it? >> no, it would send an alarming signal to people eating food. but would not send an alarming signal to our creditors. so i'm saying, simply now, on the other hand, i have seen economists and not only the ones who are working for obama, who say yes, it would be a disaster, so i think you should bring on john lott, the economist and ask him, he'll tell you the answer. >> will we come up with a solution? ann, we have talked about this for months and americans are sick of the subject. >> yes, they are and by the way, it is hard to make jokes about the debt ceiling. and we have not own talked about it for months, we talk about it every four years and everyone
6:56 am
gets to washington and sees medicare and medicaid and social security are bankrupting the economy and the population is getting older and you cannot keep the system going and politician will not do it. they'll be punished by the people and they have the blue ribbon commission to look into social security and medicare and the commission comes out of the room and they are ashen, white faced, we have to raise the age and cut back and, politicians won't do it. >> dave: there is another committee as part of the plan b to do the same thing you said, will you stick around. >> i would love to. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes and i'll ask her why. for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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